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Consumer Health Journal Subset Clarification - e2-
In January 2008, the subset, "consumerj," will be eliminated. PubMed users should replace consumerj[sb] with jsubsetk in any search strategies in use.
[Article updated on November 15, 2007]
[Article updated on January 29, 2008]
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Changes to HTML Code Used for PubMed® - e3-
Changes to PubMed's display.
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Diacritics in PubMed® Displays and Searching - e4-
Diacritics were added to PubMed's Summary display.
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PubMed® and the Expansion of Pharmacological Action Terms - e5-
Earlier this year, the PA lists used by PubMed were revised.
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MEDLINE® Data Changes — 2008 - e6-
Changes made to MEDLINE during annual maintenance.
[Article updated on November 28, 2007]
[Article updated on December 13, 2007]
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New Web Site and Digital Project at NLM® - Cholera Online: A Modern Pandemic in Texts and Images - e7-
A new Web site featuring digitized historical literature on cholera.
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Enhanced MeSH® Browser - e8-
Changes to the Descriptor display in the MeSH Browser.
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More Changes to Grant Number Information - e9-
Additions and maintenance to Grant Number (GR) field in MEDLINE/PubMed.
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Health Literacy Search Updated - e10-
Updated to include citations to articles about drug labeling.
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What's New for 2008 MeSH® - e11-
Overview of vocabulary development and changes for 2008 MeSH.
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The Last Technical Note — Format Change to the NLM Technical Bulletin for 2008 - e12-
Changes will facilitate citing and searching articles.
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PubMed Central: New Journals Participating and New Content Added - e13-
New journals participating and content from already participating journals has been added.
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Skill Kit: The Effects of Year End Processing (YEP) on Saved Searches or RSS Feeds - e14-
Update your saved searches or RSS feeds.
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Issue Completed December 28, 2007
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