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November 09, 2007 [posted]

Changes to HTML Code Used for PubMed®

the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) recently made changes to PubMed®'s HTML code. As a result, PubMed now displays pages faster and is more accessible for users who require assistive technology. Also, PubMed is more search engine-friendly, and it is easier for NCBI to maintain. These changes do not alter PubMed's basic appearance, although there are some slight visual improvements that we hope will enhance your ability to find what you're looking for. These changes are cosmetic only; PubMed still functions in the same way.

This enhancement has resulted in a few alterations to the display of PubMed (and some other Entrez databases). For example, author names extend all the way to the right on the Summary display (leaving room for the Links display), and the tabs for History, Details, etc., will no longer increase in height when selected.

Changes to HTML Code Used for PubMed®. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 Nov-Dec; (359):e3.

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