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Table of Contents: 2014 NOVEMBER–DECEMBER No. 401

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New SNOMED CT Data Files Available

New SNOMED CT Data Files Available. NLM Tech Bull. 2014 Nov-Dec;(401):b1.

2014 November 13 [posted]

NLM is pleased to announce the following releases available for download:

  1. A new subset from Convergent Medical Terminology (CMT) is now available for download from the UMLS Terminology Services (UTS) by UMLS licensees. This problem list subset includes concepts that KP uses within the ED Problem List. There are 2189 concepts in this file. SNOMED Concepts are based on the 1/31/2012 version of the International Release.

    For more information about CMT, please see the NLM CMT Frequently Asked Questions page.
  2. The Spanish Edition of the SNOMED CT International Release is now available for download.
  3. On behalf of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), NLM is pleased to announce the release of the SNOMED CT International General/Family Practice subset (GP/FP Subset) and map from the GP/FP Subset to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-2). This is the baseline work release resulting from the harmonization agreement between the IHTSDO and WONCA.

    The purpose of this subset is to provide the frequently used SNOMED CT concepts for use in general/family practice electronic health records within the following data fields: reason for encounter, and health issue. The purpose of the map from the SNOMED CT GP/FP subset to ICPC-2 is to allow for the granular concepts to be recorded by GPs/FPs at the point of care using SNOMED CT, with subsequent analysis and reporting using the internationally recognized ICPC-2 classification. However please note that use within clinical systems cannot be supported at this time. This Candidate Baseline is distributed for evaluation purposes only and should not be used in production clinical systems or in clinical settings.

    The subsets are aligned to the July 2014 SNOMED CT International Release. The SNOMED CT to ICPC-2 map is a Candidate Baseline, which IHTSDO expects to confirm as the Baseline release following the January 2015 SNOMED CT International Release.

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