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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1999 November-December; 311

In This Issue:

Technical Notes - e1

Year-End Processing [corrected 1999/12/02] - e2

MeSH Coming Attractions - e3

Fees and New Format for Leasing NLM Databases in 2000 - e4

Scope Expands for PubMed and MEDLINE - e5

Data Changes Expected - e6

Hands On - e7


dot2000 Update Schedule for MEDLINE on PubMed and Internet Grateful Med [corrected 1999/12/02]

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Appendix A

2000 Update Schedule for MEDLINE on
PubMed and Internet Grateful Med (IGM)
[corrected 1999/12/02]

  • In-process citations are added daily, Tuesday-Saturday. In-process citations are supplied electronically by publishers or are scanned and converted by optical character recognition, or are keyboarded in preparation for indexing.

  • Completed MEDLINE citations are added weekly, and are typically available by noon (U.S. Eastern time) each Saturday. Completed HealthSTAR citations are added to PubMed monthly, several days after the final weekly update of each MEDLINE Entry Month. Completed MEDLINE citations contain MeSH Heading, Publication Type and other information added during the indexing process, and have undergone further quality control. Searchers should note that completed MEDLINE citations are rarely new to PubMed, but rather, they replace existing citations in PubMed that are tagged "MEDLINE citation in process."

  • MEDLINE citations in the Update Schedule are organized by Entry Month, which refers to the monthly issue of the hard copy Index Medicus in which they will be printed. MEDLINE Entry Month is not directly searchable in PubMed. For techniques on how to limit to citations recently added, see the May-June 1999 NLM Technical Bulletin article, Converting SDI searches to PubMed at As this article explains, running a search in PubMed and limiting the Entrez Date to the last 30 days does not equate to the date range of the SDILINE file.

    The last paragraph of this article discusses the proposed PubMed "Cubby" service that will offer a SDI-like capability. This new service is still under development although tentative plans call for an additional date field that will change when a PREMEDLINE record is elevated with MeSH Headings to MEDLINE.

NOTE: This schedule only goes through May 2000, as NLM expects to be in transition to a new data creation and maintenance system which may affect the update schedule.
Entry Month Updated MEDLINE Available On or After
200001 Parts 1,2,3,4,5Nov 30, 1999*
(modified due to holiday)
200002 Part 1,2,3,4Dec 28*
(modified due to holiday)
200003Part 1Jan 4, 2000
Part 2Jan 8
Part 3Jan 15
Part 4Jan 22
Part 5Jan 29*
200004Part 1Feb 5
Part 2Feb 12
Part 3Feb 19
Part 4Feb 26*
200005Part 1Mar 4
Part 2Mar 11
Part 3Mar 18
Part 4Mar 25*
200006Part 1Apr 1
Part 2Apr 8
Part 3Apr 15
Part 4Apr 22
Part 5Apr 29*
200007 Part 1May 6
Part 2May 13
Part 3May 20
Part 4May 27*

*Generally, completed citations from Special List Health and Special List Technology Assesment (unique HealthSTAR journal citations) are available also.

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