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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1999 November-December; 311

In This Issue:

dotTechnical Notes - e1

Year-End Processing [corrected 1999/12/02] - e2

MeSH Coming Attractions - e3

Fees and New Format for Leasing NLM Databases in 2000 - e4

Scope Expands for PubMed and MEDLINE - e5

Data Changes Expected - e6

Hands On - e7


2000 Update Schedule for MEDLINE on PubMed and Internet Grateful Med [corrected 1999/12/02]

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Technical Notes

New Online Syndrome Resource: Multiple Congenital Anomaly/Mental Retardation

The National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce a new Web-based resource to help health practitioners, librarians and others identify syndromes in which multiple congenital anomalies are associated with mental retardation. Online Multiple Congenital Anomaly / Mental Retardation (MCA/MR) Syndromes© ( has been developed by Stanley Jablonski in collaboration with the Office of Computer and Communications Systems (OCCS) and the Medical Subject Headings Section.

At the present time the system includes structured descriptions of approximately 700 out of the 1600-2000 syndromes of congenital abnormalities known to be associated with mental retardation. Additional entries will be added in the future. There is provision for knowledgeable individuals to submit additional entries for eventual inclusion. As a unique aspect of the scope, this system encompasses chromosomal aberrations and x-linked mental retardation characteristics, some of which are not routinely designated in the literature as syndromes, but possess sufficient syndromic characteristics. Information about each syndrome includes synonyms, personalia, OMIM entries, Unified Medical Subject Headings (UMLS) entries, and MeSH terms. The interface has been based on the logic and format of the MeSH browser (, also accessible to users from the NLM Web site.

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New PubMed Limits Added

Several new selections in the Limits area were added on November 29, 1999 to the beta version of PubMed ( as well as a new Text display button.

Additional Subset Values Added
Three new values have been added to the Subset pull-down menu to further limit your search to a predefined set of MEDLINE journals:

AIM (Abridged Index Medicus MEDLINE journals)
Dental (Dental MEDLINE journal subset)
Nursing (Nursing MEDLINE journal subset)

Abstracts-only Selection
A new check box is now available. Click in this box to limit your search to "only items with abstracts." Remember, abstracts were introduced in 1975.

Text Button available for Displaying Citations
You will now see a Text button to the right of the Save button on all screens with search results. The Text button redisplays the citations using just the text of the records and omitting the Web or HTML components. You may want to print via your Web browser using this feature so you do not print PubMed's sidebar and buttons unnecessarily. The text version will display either selected citations, or if no citations are selected, all the citations on the page. Before using the Text button, consider using the Show feature to increase the number of items per page. When finished with the text display, use your Web browser's Back button to return to your results in HTML.

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Revised: 2000 Update Schedule for MEDLINE on PubMed and IGM

Due to PubMed/Entrez server problems, MEDLINE was not updated weekly during November (the 200001 Entry Month data). A monthly update containing this data occurred on November 30, 1999. The December data (for the 200002 Entry Month) also will not go into PubMed weekly as announced, but a monthly update of this data will take place on December 28. Please see the corrected appendix, 2000 Update Schedule for MEDLINE on PubMed and Internet Grateful Med (IGM), ( reflecting this schedule change.

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MeSH in USMARC Format Available To Download

The 2000 MeSH in MARC format is now available for downloading from

This file contains the 2000 MeSH vocabulary data in the USMARC authority format. If you have questions concerning the content of MeSH/MARC files or FTP of MeSH/MARC data, please contact:

Jacque-Lynne Schulman
Medical Subject Headings
Telephone: 301-496-1495
FAX: 301-402-2002
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American Hospital Association Ceases Printing and Distribution of Hospital and Health Administration Index

After 55 years the American Hospital Association (AHA) will print and distribute the last cumulative bound volume of its Hospital and Health Administration Index in the first quarter of 2000. See its January 4, 2000 press release for further information [This link was removed because it is no longer valid.].

However, access to the health care journal literature will be available via PubMed (, Internet Grateful Med (IGM) and NLM Next Generation Gateway in 2000 (see the article, Next Generation Gateway, in the March-April 1999 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin for more information about the Gateway).

Information for Current and Potential Licensees of NLM Data

NLM is pleased to introduce a new Web site which can be found at: for current and potential licensees. Here, NLM will make available certain administrative and technical documentation, and other special notices. You will also find electronic copies of notifications included with data shipments.

In general, the MEDLINE documentation will be posted each Monday after the MEDLINE update on PubMed has occurred. Documentation for other NLM databases distributed to licensees will also be posted on the Web shortly after the update at NLM. NLM has posted information regarding the new XML-based data format and new media for data distribution on this site. Licensees will continue to receive paper copies of database documentation included with tape shipments until tape distribution is discontinued.

Licensees are now notified that they must refer to this new Web site for pertinent information. Although NLM will attempt to issue Technical Notes in the NLM Technical Bulletin to remind licensees to consult this new site, licensees shall refer to this new NLM Web site on a routine basis to receive their information.

This new site complements a previous site where overview information about licensing is available. Much of that overview information is currently under revision because of NLM's widespread reinvention activities. Please see the technical note about pricing in the November-December 1999 NLM Technical Bulletin and contact or for more information about leasing databases from the National Library of Medicine.

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New PubMed Adds All Authors to Summary Format

New PubMed has recently enhanced the Summary display format in response to user requests to now show all authors present on the citation. Previously, only the first author followed by "et al." was displayed in the Summary format. See Figure 1 below for an example of this change.

Figure 1 - New Summary Format

figure one

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