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New Entrez Database: NLM Catalog - e2
Providing access to NLM bibliographic data for over 1.2 million books, journals, audiovisuals, computer software, electronic resources, and other materials.
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Pointing to a Local Document Delivery System and OpenURL-based Server in PubMed® - e3
Libraries can now register their local document delivery system and OpenURL-based server with NCBI.
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MEDLINE®/PubMed® End-of-Year Activities - e4
Activities include changing MeSH headings on existing MEDLINE citations to agree with the 2005 version of MeSH, changes to Supplementary Concept Substance Names, and other global changes.
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Supplementary Concept Records (Additional Substance Names) Added to Entrez MeSH® Database - e5
Over 140,000 Supplementary Concept Records (SCRs) will soon be added to the Entrez MeSH® database.
[Editor's Note added on March 11, 2005.]
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PubMed Central® New Journals Participating and New Content Added - e6
New journals participating and content from already-participating hournals has been added.
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Happy Birthday Web DOCLINE! - e7
Statistical highlights for the first four years of Web DOCLINE.
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Updating Serial Holdings in DOCLINE® and OCLC® - e8
Gain an understanding of batch update functionality.
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New Look for LinkOut Display - e9
LinkOut Display enhanced to make resources easier to find.
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Technical Notes: - e1

New Books Added to NCBI Bookshelf

New Report Summaries and Guides to Clinical Preventive Services Added to NCBI Bookshelf

TOXNET's® TRI Now Includes Reporting Year 2002

NLM® Gateway Searches the NLM Catalog

Papers of Wilbur Augustus Sawyer and C. Everett Koop added to Profiles in Science

New "Advanced" Version of the ChemIDplus Chemical Search Database Available

NLM Catalog added to Entrez Global Query System

PubMed's Limits Page Function Change

OLDMEDLINE Content Continues to Grow

Meeting Abstracts Added to the NLM Gateway

Statistical Reports on MEDLINE®/PubMed® Baseline Data

Issue Completed October 28, 2004
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