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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2015 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER No. 406

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New RxClass Tutorial Available

New RxClass Tutorial Available. NLM Tech Bull. 2015 Sep-Oct;(406):b6.

2015 October 08 [posted]

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce the release of the first video tutorial for the RxClass Web application.

The "Searching and Navigating Through Drug Classes Using RxClass Application" tutorial describes the RxClass major interface elements and functionalities. RxClass allows users to explore drug classes and their members, links the drug classes to drug information in RxNorm, provides a browser interface for navigating the hierarchies of drug classes, and includes a search mechanism for locating specific drug classes or drugs.

The tutorial is available from a link on the Learning Resources for NLM Clinical Terminology Artifacts and Tooling and the NLM Distance Education Resources pages.

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