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Table of Contents: 2022 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER No. 448

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September 2022 SNOMED CT US Edition Available for Download

September 2022 SNOMED CT US Edition Available for Download. NLM Tech Bull. 2022 Sep-Oct;(448):b1.

2022 September 01 [posted]

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce the September 2022 US Edition of SNOMED CT is available for download. This release contains 662 new active concepts specific to the US Extension. The September 2022 US Edition of SNOMED CT is based on the content published in the June 2022 SNOMED CT International Edition and includes any SNOMED CT COVID-19 Related Content published in the June 2022 International Edition.

Please note - While the SNOMED CT International Edition has moved to monthly releases, the US Edition of SNOMED CT will remain on the current bi-annual release schedule of March and September.


Advanced notice of upcoming changes to the US Edition Release Package naming convention

From the March 2023 Release of the US Edition onwards, the RF2 package naming convention will be changing from:

  • SnomedCT_USEditionRF2_PRODUCTION_[date]T[time] the following:

  • SnomedCT_ManagedServiceUS_PRODUCTION_US1000124_[date]T[time]

So, for the March 2023 US Edition Release, for example, the RF2 package would have originally been called:


...whereas from now on it will instead be called:


Notice of changes to the US Edition Module Dependency Refset Specifications

There has been discussion on the Module Dependency Refset Specifications (MDRS) records regarding dependencies not being transitive, meaning that they cannot be inferred from a chain of dependencies. For example, if module-A depends on module-B and module-B depends on module-C, the dependency of module-A on module-C must still be stated explicitly. This has not been resolved by SNOMED International, as their recent deliberations regarding the possibility of changing the specifications to make MDRS records transitive have concluded that so far, the business case for doing so is not strong enough. Therefore, the US Edition of SNOMED CT still, in theory, has missing MDRS records which should explicitly call out the dependency of the ICD-10CM map module on both Core International modules. As the new automated MDRS functionality also generates these records, it was decided to allow their introduction until SNOMED International decides to change the RF2 specifications. These records have been included in the September 2022 US Edition release by allowing the automated MDRS generation code to add 2 new records to the US Edition MDRS, explicitly calling out the dependency of the ICD-10CM map module on both Core International modules:

  • > e37cecd9-329a-4bf2-96eb-befefd9c45c3    20220901    1    5991000124107    900000000000534007    900000000000207008    20220901    20220630
  • > 5b163b38-a5e6-4430-aaaa-82663c4bca4a    20220901    1    5991000124107    900000000000534007    900000000000012004    20220901    20220630

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information above, please contact SNOMED International at

To download the above releases, you must agree to the UMLS Metathesaurus License and have a UMLS Terminology Services login. To learn more about the license and to sign up for an account, please see the SNOMED CT License page for additional information. Any inquiries may be sent to the NLM Customer Support.

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