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1987 MeSH tools available. 1986 Aug:5

accepting credit cards for MEDLARS charges. 1987 Jan:11

availability MEDLARS tools. 1979 Feb:4; 1979 Oct:3; 1980 Sep:4; 1980 Nov:3; 1981 Apr:4; 1981 Aug:4

availability of 1983 MeSH tools. 1982 Aug:4

availability of Chemical/Toxicological user guides. 1982 Nov:16

availability of indexing tools. 1981 Mar:3

Billing Address Change. 1994 Jul-Aug:3

billing phone number change. 1989 Jun:3

charges. 1988 Dec:6

Correspondence Reminder. 1992 Jul-Aug:3

customer service improvements. 1987 Mar:6

Delinquent deposit accounts. 1990 Jul:7

Deposit Accounts Begin $5.00 Per Quarter Service Charge. 1997 Jul-Aug:3

Deposit Accounts - minimum amount to open an account. 1990 Sep-Oct:8

discount for large Grateful Med orders. 1986 Apr:17

Federal Tax Information number. 1987 Aug:3

Grateful Med available. 1986 Mar:1

HSDB tapes available. 1990 Jan:4

improvements to accounting system for MEDLARS payments. 1989 Jan:6

interest on overdue accounts. 1987 Mar:1

invoices have changed format. 1987 Feb:1

List of Serials and Monographs Indexed for Online Users, 1982, available. 1982 May:3

List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 1990

Order information. 1990 Jan:5

Medical Subject Headings - Annotated Alphabetic List, 1991

Order information. 1990 Jul:3

Medical Subject Headings - Supplementary Chemical Records, 1991

Order information. 1990 Nov-Dec:5

Medical Subject Headings - Tree Structures, 1991

Order information. 1990 Jul:3

Order form. 1990 Feb:121

Order form. 1990 Jul:Appendix D

MEDLARS Indexing Manual, available. 1982 Aug:3

microfiche prices raised. 1985 Oct:4

Notes for Medical Catalogers, 1981, available. 1982 May:3

Online Services Reference Manual, 1986. 1986 Aug:5

Online Services Reference Manual, available. 1982 Aug:3

New Toll-Free 800 Number. 1993 May-Jun:15

Order Form. 1981 Jan:Enc; 1989 Feb:75; 1989 Aug:Appendix B; 1991 Jan-Feb:Enclosure 1; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix C; 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix L; 1992 Jul-Aug:Appendix H; 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix H; 1994 Jan-Feb:Appendix D; 1994 May-Jun:Appendix B; 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix G; 1995 Jan-Feb:6; 1995 Jan-Feb:Appendix C

payment policy. 1986 Nov:11

PC Users Aids. 1991 Jan-Feb:96

Permuted Medical Subject Headings, 1991

Order information. 1990 Jul:4

problem with 1981 orders. 1980 Oct:4

problem with 1981 invoices. 1980 Nov:4

purchase orders. 1985 Nov:4

sample invoice. 1987 Mar:8

shipping and handling charge. 1985 Jul:4

Technical Notes: MEDLARS Indexing Instructions, Tumor Key Supplement, 1990. 1990 Mar:5

TIP Files Demo Disk, Version 2.0

Order information. 1990 Jul:4

toll-free 800 number for billing questions. 1989 Nov:3

Toll-free telephone number. 1990 Feb:59

Toll-Free Telephone Number - New. 1991 Mar-Apr:4

Use of the Critical Incident Technique to Evaluate the Impact of MEDLINE. 1990 Mar:5

Shipping and Handling Charges Change. 1994 May-Jun:4

Standing Order Service. 1994 Sep-Oct:3

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