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OC (Open Closed Indicator) Field. 1994 May-Jun:20

Offline Prints. 1985 Mar:5

address, reminder of format. 1981 Apr:3

available for AIDSDRUGS, AIDSTRIALS, and DENTALPROJ. 1989 Nov:3

DIRLINE. 1983 Sep:6

envelopes, format change. 1982 Sep:3

mailing day. 1982 Apr:3

mailing procedures. 1982 Dec:5

paper size, change announced. 1979 Aug:5

paper size, change implemented. 1979 Dec:4

PDQ/Directory. 1983 Sep:6

request for notification of tremendous volume. 1981 Mar:4

Saturday searches mailed Tuesday. 1981 Oct:6

SORT message. 1981 Aug:3

TOXNET. 1985 Jul:4

verification and modification commands. 1982 Dec:5


MAIL=PROMPT, used to send prints to places other than stored address. 1988 Feb:10

TOXNET prints can be cancelled. 1987 Dec:3


abstract inclusion. 1985 Feb:5

address, reminder of format. 1981 Apr:3

aliases used for Backfiles. 1982 Dec:3

COMMAND entered at SSNOS/OVRIDES? 1979 Sep:3

database name printed on printout. 1982 Dec:3

DIRLINE. 1983 Sep:6

ELEMENTS command. 1979 Jan:3

explosions. 1982 Jul:4

four ways to do. 1981 Dec:14

mailing procedures. 1982 Dec:5

paper size, change announced. 1979 Aug:5

paper size, change implemented. 1979 Dec:4

PDQ/Directory. 1983 Sep:6

PDQ - free connect time. 1982 Dec:6

PRINTSPECS/FILES agreement. 1979 Dec:3

purges. 1984 Jan:15

purging, reminder to request during office hours. 1981 Apr:3

requesting purges from MMS. 1980 Apr:3

searching dissimilar files. 1979 Feb:5

SORT message on. 1981 Aug:3

stringsearch in. 1979 Sep:3

TOXBACK, available only thru OFFSEARCH. 1982 Dec:4

TOXBACK, generated term overflow caused by ALL TERA: or ALL TERATO:. 1979 Feb:3

verirification and modification commands. 1982 Dec:5

OLI/HMD. 1994 Jul-Aug:33

Oncology Overviews. 1990 Mar:Enclosure

Available. 1991 Mar-Apr: 5

Order Form. 1991 Mar-Apr:Appendix A

ONLINE CENTERS in U.S., map. 1982 Apr:Enc; 1985 Jul:6; 1985 Jul:App

U.S. map with new regions. 1983 Jan:12

ONLINE CITATION, 1980 format changes. 1979 Oct:5

Addendum. 1979 Dec:4

Online Codes Map. 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix H; 1994 Sep-Oct:Appendix F; 1995 Sep-Oct:5

Online Explains Updated. 1991 Jan-Feb:29

Online Images from the History of Medicine. 1994 Jul-Aug:33

Online Messages from MEDLARS. 1994 Mar-Apr:20

Online NEWS. 1985 Jul:8

Online pricing algorithm. 1990 Jan:Appendix B

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). 1998 Jul-Aug:e2

Online Searching of New Concepts - Product Line Management. 1987 Oct:15

Online Service.

Application form. 1990 Feb:109; 1991 Jan-Feb:Enclosure 1; 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix H

Citations to articles. 1980 Dec:7

Updates.1986 Sep:8; 1985 Oct:8

Online Services Reference Manual (OSRM)

Online SORTing see SORTing, Online

Online Training Centers. 1986 Jan:1

Online training codes. 1990 Feb:118

1991 Schedule. 1990 Jul:22; 1990 Jul:Appendix B; 1991 May-Jun:37; 1991 May-Jun:Appendix B

1992 Schedule. 1991 Jul-Aug:35; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix A<

MEDLARS: Refresher & Review Workshop. 1991 Nov-Dec:39

Request for Online Training and 1990 Schedule. 1990 Feb:116

Schedule Changes. 1991 Jan-Feb:67; 1991 Nov-Dec:3

Summer 1991 Schedule. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix C

Training Application. 1990 Jul:Appendix C; 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix C; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix B

Training Codes. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix D

Online Updates, Program Change. 1987 Jun:4

Online Users' Meeting 1982 May:3

1992 Remarks, Questions and Answers. 1992 Jul-Aug:1

Announcement. 1985 Mar:4; 1986 Mar:3; 1989 Mar:3; 1990 Mar:3; 1991 Mar-Apr:3; 1992 Jan-Feb:5; 1995 Mar-Apr:3

DOCLINE presentation. 1990 Jul:13

Loansome Doc briefing. 1990 Jul:15

Loansome Doc/DOCLINE Meeting at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

NLM Remarks. 1990 Jul 90:1; 1991 Jul-Aug:1

NLM Update. 1991 Mar-Apr:3


Questions & Answers. 1982 Aug:11; 1989 Sep:1; 1990 Jul:18; 1991 Jul-Aug:7

Report. 1985 Sep:1

OPAC see Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). 1988 Jul-Aug:e2

Open Captioned in RD Field. 1993 Sept-Oct:38

Open Closed Indicator (OC) Field. 1994 May-Jun:20

Opthalmology and Optometry Hedge. 1989 Feb:43

Optical disk - NLM data. 1990 Feb:96

ORGANIZATION & ADMINISTRATION, searching concept of. 1981 Dec:8

ORN (Other Registry Number) field

Added to RTECS record. 1990 Mar:5

OSHA permissible levels added to SREG field in RTECS. 1989 Jul:4

Other Registry Number (ORN) field

Added to RTECS record. 1990 Mar:5

Over-Alls. 1986 Feb:14

Overlap Elimination. 1993 Mar-Apr:22

Overriding Prompts. 1983 Sep:3

OVERRIDING stored address. 1980 Jan:6

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