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Dr. J. J. Woodward's Microscope,
Light Grand American Microscope, Philadelphia; Manufacturer: Joseph Zentmayer, 1864
Guinea pig blood crystals, 1871
Baboon blood crystals, 1871
Woodward's photomicrography apparatus, Drawing, 1867
Photomicrograph of left posterior stigma of maggot, 1935
Photomicrograph of mandibular sclerite of maggot, 1935
Spectroscope, about 1920
Chart showing the spectra of different types of blood samples, 1894
Beckman DU Spectrophotometer, about 1950
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Baboon blood crystals, 1871
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Laboratory Views

Baboon blood crystals, 1871
Wilhelm Preyer, Die Blutkrystalle; Untersuchungen [The Blood Crystal; Investigations], Jena, Germany
National Library of Medicine