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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

HTA 101: Acknowledgments

HTA 101: Introduction to Health Technology Assessment, is derived from an evolving set of seminars and other presentations that I have given on health technology assessment since the mid-1980s. This document is an update of TA 101: Introduction to Health Care Technology Assessment, which was made available on the web site of the National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in 1998.

Much of this material was first assembled as a single document for a conference, Technology Assessment: A Tool for Technology Management and Improved Patient Outcomes, held in January 1995 in Washington, DC. The conference was sponsored by the VA Health Services Research and Development Service and its Management Decision and Research Center, and the Association for Health Services Research, now known as AcademyHealth. The late Alice Hersh, who was Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AHSR, provided the impetus and considerable motivation for that conference.

HTA 101 draws from the work of the many people whose publications are cited in the references and reading lists. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the influence of David Banta, Robert Brook, the late Thomas Chalmers, David Eddy, the late John Eisenberg, Egon Jonsson, Bryan Luce, and Fred Mosteller on my understanding of the field and appreciation for the importance of involving others in it. Ione Auston of NICHSR has contributed to this work directly as well as indirectly through her continued efforts to strengthen and encourage sharing and coordination of HTA information resources in the US and around the world. Earl Steinberg, Kevin Marvelle, and the late Allan Meyers provided thoughtful and expert reviews of earlier versions of this work.

As was the 1998 version of this work, the updating, expansion, and preparation of HTA 101 for distribution and viewing via the World Wide Web was funded by NICHSR, NLM. I wish to acknowledge the support and guidance of Catherine Selden, the NICHSR project officer for this effort.

Clifford S. Goodman, Ph.D.
The Lewin Group
January 2004

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