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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Academic Research Enhancement Award for Undergraduate-Focused Institutions (R15 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (PA-18-714)


The purpose of this Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) for Undergraduate-Focused Institutions is to support small scale research grants at institutions that do not receive substantial funding from the NIH, with an emphasis on providing biomedical research experiences primarily for undergraduate students, and enhancing the research environment at these applicant institutions. Eligible institutions must award baccalaureate science degrees, and have received less than 6 million dollars per year of NIH support (total costs) in 4 of the last 7 fiscal years.

The three objectives of this FOA are: (1) provide support for meritorious research at undergraduate-focused institutions or institutional components; (2) strengthen the research environment at these institutions/components; and (3) give undergraduate students an opportunity to gain significant biomedical research experience through active involvement in the research.  For the purpose of this announcement, an undergraduate-focused institution/component is one in which the undergraduate enrollment is greater than the graduate enrollment.

NLM’s participation is confined to applications that address research in biomedical informatics and data science.  This program expires May 8, 2021 unless reissued.

NLM Contact

Clinical and Public Health Informatics: Dr. Hua-Chuan Sim,
Bioinformatics and Translational Informatics: Dr. Jane Ye,
Consumer Informatics and Information Sciences: Dr. Alan VanBiervliet,


Deadlines for New or Revised Applications: February 25, June 25, October 25 each year.
Full listing of deadlines for competing applications: //  

Last Reviewed: January 8, 2020