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The NLM Program Management Office manages biomedical informatics and data science research and resource grant portfolio, making funding recommendations based on portfolio need. This office serves as the point of contact for extramural scientists, and ensure grants compliance to all federal, department, and NIH regulations.

Grants are available for fundamental and applied research in biomedical informatics and data science. Areas of research interest include: representation, organization and retrieval of biomedical and biological data and images; enhancement of human intellectual capacities through virtual reality, dynamic modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; medical decision-making; linguistic analyses for natural language processing and understanding; informatics topics relevant to public health and informatics for disaster management.

How do I find available NLM funding opportunities?

  • Visit NIH Grants & Funding
  • You use the filters on the left to select specific Activity Codes and the type of Research Support you would like to find

How do I learn more about what NLM has funded in the past?

  • Visit NIH Reporter
  • You can click on the pencil icon next to Search Criteria to select specific Activity Codes or other parameters you would like to filter by

Who can I discuss potential funding for my scientific research?

How likely is my grant to be funded?

The Future of NLM Extramural Funding

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