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NIH Pathway to Independence Award (Parent K99/R00 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)


The NIH Pathway to Independence Award will provide up to five years of support consisting of two phases. The initial phase will provide 1-2 years of mentored support for highly promising, postdoctoral research scientists. This phase will be followed by up to 3 years of independent support contingent on securing an independent research position. The PI Award is limited to postdoctoral trainees.

This program expires May 8, 2023, unless reissued.

NLM supports research career development in biomedical informatics and bioinformatics. We define informatics as the intersection of computer, information, biomedical and behavioral sciences with one or more application domains. Application domains of interest include health care delivery, basic biomedical research, clinical and translational research, public health and others. Whatever the application domain, the research career focus must be informatics. Preference will be given to applicants who received their informatics training at one of NLM's university-based training programs in Biomedical Informatics.

NLM Contact

Clinical and Public Health Informatics: Dr. Lyn Hardy,
Bioinformatics and Translational Informatics: Dr. Jane Ye,
Consumer Informatics: Dr. Lyn Hardy,


Deadlines for New Applications: February 12, June 12, and October 12 each year.
Full listing of deadlines for competing applications:

Last Reviewed: November 23, 2022