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Transcript for original artwork for The Infinite Wait and Other Stories

[Top left panel]

[Television] Actress Winona Ryder got three years probation for shoplifting and having prescription narcotics that were not hers.

[Top right panel]

[Woman]Uh-oh, it’s happening. I really would like to know “10 ways to maximize a small kitchen” No! I’m too young!

[Center left panel]

[Woman’s thoughts] Fuck! How does Sunset Magazine manage to briefly trick me into thinking I might like things I hate, like Jello and water skiing and heart shaped ice cubes?

[Disembodied voice] Julia Wertz! The doctor will see you now

[Center right panel]

[Doctor] How are you feeling, hon?

[Woman] Um, a little better…

[Woman’s thoughts] Uh oh, physical contact, terms of endearment…this can’t be good.

[Bottom left panel]

[Doctor] Okay, you’re blood work came back and not the best news…

[Woman’s thoughts] I knew it! I’m dying! And I never got to organize my kitchen or make a ‘layered gelatin fruit salad,’ whatever the hell that is

[Bottom right panel]

[Doctor] You have systemic lupus erythematosus

[Woman] What the hell is that?