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Transcript of a portion of “Rosa’s Family”

[Top left panel]

I always wondered what those fancy private suites at the Key Arena are like.

[Top center panel]

At the Seattle/King County Free Clinic, I found out! All the suites became health clinics.

[Top right panel]

Rosa came there for blood work. Her medical exam indicated she may be diabetic.

[Doctor] Relax your arm

[Translator] Relajar el brazo.

[Bottom left panel]

Her husband, Arturo, came to have some cavitied filled and a tooth removed.

[Dentist] Does this hurt?

[Translator] ¿Duele esto?

[Bottom center panel]

Her pregnant daughter, Laura, came there for an ultrasound and prenatal counseling.

[Ultrasound technician] Everything looks good!

[Translator] ¡Todo se ve bien!

[Bottom right panel]

Rosa’s family drove sixteen hours, from two states away, because they can’t afford healthcare.

[Family member] Seattle!

[Grandchild] ¡Abuela! ¡Mira!