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al-Zawzani, Muammad ibn ‘Alī ibn Muammad al-Khatibi (fl. 1249/647)

In the year 1249/647, al-Zawzani made an extract of the biographical dictionary written by al-Qifī. The extract circulated under the title Ta’rīkh-i ukamā’, and NLM has one copy of it (MS A 72).

Little is known of the life of al-Zawzani. See Ullmann, Medizin, p. 231.

Zosimos (3 to 4th cent. AD)

Zosimos is the oldest alchemical author for whom there are genuine, uncontested, treatises. He lived in Panopolis, in upper Egypt, at the end of the 3rd century AD, or the beginning of the 4th. In Arabic his name is written in various forms, including Rismus, Rusim, and Rusam. He composed a Greek encylopaedia on alchemy comprising 28 books, which he dedicated to his sister Theosebeia.

For Zosimos as an alchemical writer, see Sezgin, GAS IV, pp. 73-7; Ullmann, Natur, pp. 160-3; and Georges C. Anawati, 'Arabic Alchemy' in Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science, ed. by Roshdi Rashed (London: Routledge, 1996), volume 3, p. 857-8.

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