Module 1: Foundations of MeSH in MEDLINE®

Test Your Knowledge


  1. What is the best description of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)?

  1. View the PubMed record for "Sailors and the Risk of Asbestos-Related Cancer". Which of the following are not MeSH terms associated with the article?

  1. Match the MeSH vocabulary term with the definition:

a) Primarily substance terms, but also include some protocols, virus terms and rare disease terms
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b) Describe a particular aspect of a concept
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c) Topical concepts that are used to index citations in NLM's MEDLINE database
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d) Describe the type of publication being indexed or characteristics of the research
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  1. How many main branches are in the MeSH Tree?

  1. Looking at the MeSH hierarchy below, when you search for the MeSH term "sweat glands," which of the following is also included (exploded)?
  Integumentary System      
        Acellular Dermis
        Hair Follicle
      Sebaceous Glands  
      Sweat Glands  
        Apocrine Glands
Eccrine Glands

  1. Which of the following is an entry term for the MeSH Term "myocardial infarction?"

  1. Searching PubMed with MeSH terms will retrieve all relevant items. True or False?