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PubMed®: Publication Type Mapping - e1
Enhancements made to include Publication Types (PT) and their Entry Terms.
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Change to PubMed's®: Automatic Term Mapping Affects Phrase Searching - e3
Improving PubMed® searches.
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The XIV International AIDS Conference Meeting Abstracts Available in the NLM Gateway - e4
Search hints for finding the meeting abstracts in the NLM Gateway.
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New MeSH Descriptor: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - e5
MeSH descriptor added for this new disease.
[Article updated on April 25, 2003.]
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E-mail Feature Planned for PubMed ® Soon - e6
Valuable new feature.
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PubMed's® MeSH Mapping Feature to Include More British Spellings - e7
MeSH Translation Table improved with additional British spellings of words.
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NLM Gateway Implements Phrase Detection - e8
Improved phrase searching.
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CANCERLIT® Retired, NCI and NLM Collaborate to Improve Access to Cancer-Related PubMed Citations - e9
NCI has retired its CANCERLIT databse and is linking users directly to PubMed for journal citation.
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Implementation of New Guidelines for the Structure and Nomenclature of Protein Concepts in MeSH - e10
Due to the recent increase in published sequence data and the concurrent use of short acronym names for proteins NLM has revised the MeSH protein thesaurus and developed a new system to accurately index and retrieve protein-related information.
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Cancer Subset Added to PubMed® - e11
New subject subset will soon be available in PubMed.
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New MeSH Descriptor: SARS Virus - e12
Another new descriptor added for this new disease.
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New Entrez Database: MeSH - e13
PubMed® MeSH Browser replaced by new Entrez database, MeSH, enhancing search and display features.
[Article updated on May 1, 2003.]
[Article updated on May 2, 2003.]
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Changes to PubMed® for 2003 - e14
PubMed® revised to reflect NLM's changes to MEDLINE.
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MedlinePlus® Adds New Features - e15
Many new enhancements.
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Technical Notes: - e2

New Version of NLM Gateway Released - March 5, 2003

Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary on MedlinePlus

New Clinical Advisory Issued

2003 MLA Meeting Reminder and NLM Invitation
[Note Updated 4/17/2003]

MEDLINE Milestone - 12 Millionth Journal Citation

More Organisms Added to LocusLink Organisms

PubMed to Complete Transition to E-Utilities and Manually Constructed URLs

Partners in Information Access Web Site Redesign

New Books Added to NCBI's Bookshelf

DOCLINE 1.5 Released

DOCLINE: 10 Million Transactions and Counting

New Version of NLM Gateway Released - April 22, 2003

Issue Completed April 28, 2003
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