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Table of Contents: 2013 MAY–JUNE No. 392

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MLA 2013: Offline with NLM "Sunrise Seminar"

MLA 2013: Offline with NLM "Sunrise Seminar". NLM Tech Bull. 2013 May-Jun;(392):e2d.

2013 June 07 [posted]
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DOCLINE Users' Group Meeting

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dotOffline with NLM Offline "Sunrise Seminar"

The Offline with NLM "Sunrise Seminar," held at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Boston, MA on May 6, 2013, was chaired by David Gillikin, Bibliographic Services Division. The meeting brought attendees up-to-date on some of the Library online systems as well as future plans.

The PowerPoint presentations were:

Questions from the audience were taken at the end of the session and have been reprinted below. The answers may have been modified to provide more complete information.


Will the Images from the History of Medicine be added to the Digital Collections?

Yes, the Images from the History of Medicine will be added in the future. The Digital Collections, launched in September 2010, is a free digital repository that complements the PubMed Central digital archive of electronic journal articles. The Digital Collections repository includes more than 9,000 digitized monographs, films, and other resources from the NLM collections. Additional content and other format types will be added over time. Users can perform full text and keyword searching within each collection or across the entire repository.

In March 2013, a search-based Web service was released providing access to the metadata and full-text OCR of all resources in the Digital Collections repository in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. Software developers can use this Web service to incorporate the historical resources into their own applications.

For more information on the Digital Collections see NLM Launches Digital Collections, a Repository for Access to and Preservation of Digitized Biomedical Resources and Digital Collections Web Service.


If I select filters from the PubMed sidebar for my search will they disappear after eight hours of inactivity?


Yes. When filters are selected, PubMed uses a cookie to store that information on your computer. The filters cookie is removed from your computer when there are no interactions between your computer and PubMed for eight hours. For more information about cookies, please see the PubMed Help at //


Recently, I searched "freetext"[Filter] but it did not work as expected. Have the search strings for PubMed filters changed or will they change in the future now that the sidebar filters are operational.


The search strings for PubMed filters have not changed and there are no plans to change them going forward. For all search strings you can check the Filters index on the Advanced search page.

  • For all free full text use:

    freetext[Filter]     (This filter includes NCBI Bookshelf books.)

  • For all free full text from LinkOut providers use:

    loattrfree full text[Filter]     (The sidebar filter "Free full text available" uses loattrfree full text[Filter]).


Will the new Dietary Supplements Labels Database link to the Drug Information Portal?


Yes, it will be linked once the old database is taken down later this year. The goal of the new Dietary Supplements Labels Database is to capture all the dietary supplement products marketed in the U.S. to assist both researchers and health care providers. The initial release will include the labels of over 18,000 dietary supplements in the marketplace with a potential of 50,000 labels. Information on products, ingredients, manufacturers and more as well as a picture of the label are included.

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