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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2014 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER No. 400

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MeSH Browser Now Updated More Frequently

MeSH Browser Now Updated More Frequently. NLM Tech Bull. 2014 Sep-Oct;(400):e7.

2014 September 17 [posted]
2014 September 19 [Editor's note added]
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Beginning on September 4, 2014, the MeSH Browser is being updated each business day.

[Editor’s Note: The following sentence was revised on September 19, 2014.] The MeSH XML and ASCII format files for Supplementary Concept Records (SCRs) will be available on this same Monday through Friday schedule starting the week of September 15, 2014. Prior to this change, the MeSH Browser and MeSH XML and ASCII files for SCRs were updated and made available once per week.

This new update schedule releases new and edited SCRs, mostly for chemicals and drugs, in a more timely way for use by both indexers and searchers. Descriptors and qualifiers are changed only on an annual basis.









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