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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

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NAF see Name Authority File

Alternative Resources. 1995 Jan-Feb:24

Certain data elements translated into English phrases. 1988 Mar:3

Erratum. 1989 Dec:4

File regeneration. 1986 Jul:9

Rebuilt changes. 1988 Apr:4

Rebuilding complete and 1990 file available. 1989 Nov:13

Regeneration. 1988 May:10; 1988 Dec:12

Removed From MEDLARS. 1995 Jan-Feb:24

Name Authority File, see(NAF). 1984 Feb:10; 1984 Apr:4

AACR 2 update. 1981 May:13

access. 1982 Mar:3

changes, conference names & NQ field. 1981 Dec:3

encoding level (EL). 1982 Nov:5

new data elements described. 1979 May:6

regeneration and update. 1979 May:6; 1985 Mar:12; 1985 Apr:3

Update. 1994 Jan-Feb:18

Year-End Processing. 1991 Nov-Dec:24

Name Authority File (NAF) Update Highlights, 1992. 1992 Jan-Feb:49

Name fields (N1, SY) in CHEMLINE improved due to regeneration. 1989 May:18

Name Fragments (NF) Field. 1993 Jan-Feb:1

Name Fragments (NF) - Text Word Searching. 1991 Jan-Feb:23

Name of Mixture (MX) field - CHEMLINE. 1991 Sep-Oct:26

Name of Substance (NM)

added to MEDLINE. 1980 Jul:4

CHEMLINE. 1991 Sep-Oct:26

Errata. 1991 Jan-Feb:86

searchable as Name Fragments (NF) in MEDLINE. 1980 Dec:5

1991 MeSH Changes Not Updated in the Name of Substance (NM) Portion of the MEDLINE RN Field. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix H

NAMED GROUPS, searching in MEDLINE. 1979 Aug:6

Name Words (NW) Searchable Now in DIRLINE. 1987 Feb:3

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

National Cancer Institute's Databases, update. 1988 Mar:48

National Cancer Institute (NCI) New Monographs Available from GPO. 1992 Sep-Oct:4

National Library of Medicine

Classification of Congress Publications Now Different. 1988 Jul:4

Reference Section Literature Searches now be sold by GPO. 1988 Jun:4

revised treatment of analyzable serials. 1988 May:14

National Library of Medicine Data on optical disk. 1990 Feb:96

National Library of Medicine Recommended Formats for Bibliographic Citation Available from NTIS. 1992 Jan-Feb:84

National Library of Medicine Reference Bibliography Series. 1990 Feb:94; 1992 Jan-Feb:86

AIDS Bibliography Available from GPO. 1992 Jan-Feb:86

Current Bibliographies in Medicine (CBM) Available from GPO. 1992 Jan-Feb:86

National Referral Center

abolishment of file affects DIRLINE. 1986 Apr:7

National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project Protocol Findings, Reanalysis. 1994 Jul-Aug:4

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

New Fax Billing Number. 1992 Sep-Oct:5

NBR or NBRDET - MeSH headings that cannot be selected with these commands. 1990 Jul:Appendix A

NBR ALL in TOXNET. 1987 Mar:4

CCRIS Update. 1991 Jul-Aug:32


CLINTPROT Discontinued. 1991 Mar-Apr:4

Mailing list. 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix G

NCI MONOGRAPHS Number 9, Consensus Development Conference on the Oral Complications of Cancer Therapies: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment. 1990 Sep-Oct:6

RECENT REVIEWS Diagnosis and Therapy, 1989. 1990 Sep-Oct:6

Registered trademarks for CANCERLIT, CANCERPROJ and CLINTPROT. 1990 Mar:3

update. 1989 Feb:53

NCI MONOGRAPHS Number 9, Consensus Development Conference on the Oral Complications of Cancer Therapies: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment. 1990 Sep-Oct:6

NCR, see National Referral Center

NEIGHBOR. 1985 Sep:21

Neighbor (NBR) Enhancements, update. 1988 Mar:7

NEIGHBOR Command Enhancements. 1987 Nov:7

NEUROSCIENCE search strategies, availability. 1979 Aug:5

New Serial Titles and Title Changes Announcement, Non-Indexed Titles List in the NLM Technical Bulletin is discontinued. 1987 Apr:3

New Rubric [classical article], update. 1988 Mar:34

New York Academy of Medicine, Address Change. 1993 Sept-Oct:6

NEWS. 1985 Jul:8

expanded to include FILES information. 1979 Sep:3

file updates information in table. 1981 Feb:4

identical at NLM and SUNY. 1981 Feb:3; 1981 Jul:3

searching as textword. 1981 Sep:3

NEXP (NIOSH Exposure Survey) field

Added to RTECS record. 1990 Mar:5

Update. 1990 Feb:56


command update. 1989 Feb:11

example. 1989 Feb:19

(98) SCH (11) QUAL: CONT? (Y/N) message. 1989 Jul:5

NF (Name Fragment) Field. 1993 Jan-Feb:1

NF (Name Fragments) - Text Word Searching. 1991 Jan-Feb:23

NHIC Records Added to DIRLINE. 1984 Jun:7


HEALTH. 1983 Mar:7

interlibrary loan. 1983 Mar:8

search hint. 1983 May:10

unit record, sample. Mar:83:11

NIH GRANT NOS., searching, announced. 1980 Dec:3

NIH Research Resources Subfile added to DIRLINE. 1988 Dec:8

NIOSH Criteria Document (NC) field in RTECS. 1986 Jul:3

NIOSH Exposure Survey (NEXP) field

Added to RTECS record. 1990 Mar:5

Update. 1990 Feb:56


delayed. 1987 Aug:4

newly added. 1987 Sep:6

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56


Audiovisual Interlibrary Loan Program. 1985 May:18; 1985 Nov:28

Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) items are not being acquired. 1989 Apr:4

Cataloging Section will use cataloging copy from Library of Congress and GPO. 1987 Aug:9

In Memorium:Colonel Rogers (Director of NLM from 1949-1963). 1987 Aug:12

Federal Tax Information number. 1987 Aug:3

indexing policy regarding letters, editorials, and news. 1984 Dec:9

online indexing system. 1984 Jul:5

Visible Man. 1995 Jun-Aug:13

videocassettes available on loan. 1987 Feb:4

NLM Access Gateway. 1994 Nov-Dec:16

NLM Audiovisuals Catalog

delayed. 1987 Dec:4

fields added. 1980 Jul:6

NLM Catalog of Publications...see Catalog of Publications, Audiovisuals, & Software Classification, 5th ed., 1994. 1994 Nov-Dec:4

Portions on Gopher. 1994 Nov-Dec:4

NLM Catalog Supplement

microfiche catalog discontinued. 1988 Dec:5

NLM Classification

Additions. 1991 Nov-Dec:29

NLM CLASSIFICATION, availability. 1981 Jul:3

NLM Computer

downtime scheduled for Dec 13-14, 86. 1986 Oct:3

status and plans. 1986 Oct:9

NLM Current Catalog.

delayed. 1987 Dec:4

NLM Data on CD-ROM. 1993 May-Jun:Appendix A

NLM e-mail File Server. 1994 Nov-Dec:22

NLM Gopher. 1994 Mar-Apr:7

NLM Locator. 1993 Sept-Oct:3

NLM Online Pricing Algorithm.

NLM Online Pricing Algorithm (Effective 3/93). 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix A

NLM Online Pricing Algorithm (Effective 1/96). 1995 Nov-Dec:21A
NLM Online Services Application. 1990 Feb:109; 1991 Jan-Feb:Enclosure 1

NLM Online Training Program 1994 Jul-Aug:15

1994 Schedule. 1993 Jul-Aug:1

Fall 1991 Schedule. 1991 May-Jun:37; 1991 May-Jun:Appendix B

Fundamentals of MEDLARS Searching Schedule. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix A

January - April 1991. 1990 Jul:22

January - April 1991 - schedule. 1990 Jul:Appendix B

January - April 1996 - Schedule. 1995 Jun-Aug:1; 1995 Jul-Aug:21A

MEDLARS: Refresher & Review Workshop. 1991 Nov-Dec:39

Request for NLM Online Training. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix F; 1995 Jul-Aug:27D

Request for online training & 1990 schedule. 1990 Feb:116

Schedule Changes. 1991 Jan-Feb:67; 1991 Nov-Dec:3

Specialized Training Modules by Database. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix D

Specialized Training Modules by Date. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix B

Specialized Training Modules by Site. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix C

Summer 1991 Schedule. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix C

Training Application form. 1990 Jul:Appendix C; 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix C; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix B

Training Codes. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix D

1992 Schedule. 1991 Jul-Aug:35; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix

NLM Online Users Meeting at MLA Annual Meeting 1993 Jan-Feb:4; 1993 Mar-Apr:3; 1995 Jany-Feb:4

1988 announced. 1988 Mar:3

1989 announcement. 1989 Mar:3

1989 questions & answers. 1989 Sep:1

1996 announced. 1995 Nov-Dec:3

DOCLINE presentation. 1990 Jul:13

DOCLINE Update. 1993 May-Jun:9

Loansome Doc briefing. 1990 Jul:15

Loansome Doc/DOCLINE Meeting at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

NLM Meeting, NLM Remarks. 1991 Jul-Aug:1

NLM Meeting, Questions and Answers. 1991 Jul-Aug:7

NLM meeting, 1990 announcement. 1990 Mar:3

NLM Meeting, 1991 Announcement. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

NLM Remarks. 1990 Jul:1; 1993 May-Jun:1 ; 1995 May-Jun:1

NLM Update. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

PDQ - Continuing Education course. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

PDQ meeting, 1990 announcement. 1990 Mar:3

PDQ User Group Meeting at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr: 3

Questions and Answers. 1990 Jul:18; 1993 May-Jun:11; 1995 May-Jun:8

NLM Pricing Schedule. 1993 Sept-Oct:30; 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix L

NLM Service Desk Holiday Schedule. 1994 Sep-Oct:Appendix E

NLM Tape distribution format

MEDLINE and MeSH Vocabulary

  • Change from Standard Distribution Format(SDF) to ELHILL Unit Record Format (EURF) for subset tape licensees. 1990 Jul:7

NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Toll-free telephone number - see Toll-free numbers

NLM Update at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

NLM Update at MLA. 1993 Jan-Feb:4

NLM Update at MLA see MLA. 1994

NLM Update Satellite Broadcast, 1/20/94. 1993 Jul-Aug:4

Update Satellite Broadcase 1994. 1994 Jan-Feb:20

Final Announcement. 1993 Nov-Dec:7

Update with Date Change, Site Sign-Up. 1993 Sept-Oct:34

Site Registration Form. 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix K

NM (Name of Substance)

CHEMLINE. 1991 Sep-Oct:26

Errata. 1991 Jan-Feb:86

1991 MeSH Changes Not Updated in the Name of Substance (NM) Portion of the MEDLINE RN Field. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix H

NONE, message. 1989 Jul:5

NON-NLM TITLES, sources for ILL. 1981 Aug:10


change announced. 1980 Mar:6

Note filed in CHEMLINE new contains TSCA definitions. 1989 May:18

Notes for Medical Catalogers

1982 reprint. 1983 Mar:4

1983 edition. 1984 Jun:5

change in publication. 1981 Feb:7

reprinted. 1982 May:3

NP (HEART DISEASE), message. 1989 Jul:5

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Nuclear Reactor Accidents

indexing is uniform. 1986 May:14

Nucleic Acids

subheadings allowed include drug effects and ultrastructure. 1987 Oct:11

Number of References added (RF). 1987 Oct:11; 1987 Dec:3

Numeric Calculations and Ranging on TRI. 1989 Sep:14

Numeric Date Element. 1985 Jun:12

Nursing Information

new journal subset tag; N (SB). 1987 Oct:9

Nursing Journal Subset Tag, update. 1988 Mar:16

omission of one journal. 1988 May:3


searching. 1980 Sep:7

SSNOS/OVERIDES? prompt changed. 1980 Jul:4


New Number Index (NX) Field in AVLINE, CATLINE, SERLINE. 1992 Nov-Dec:24

Using the Neighbor (NBR) Command to view Number Index Entries. 1992 Nov-Dec:27

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