Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice

Use PubMed to Find Relevant Articles

Perform a PubMed Search

Now we are ready to search PubMed. homepage

Simple Subject Search

To perform a simple subject search, enter the key terms with no tags or punctuation. Using "AND" to combine terms is unnecessary. Be as specific as possible.


Using the key search terms identified in the clinical question, we'll search for high blood pressure patient education exercise. homepage with 'high blood pressure patient education and exercise' in the search box

Search Results

Here are the results of the simple subject search. Each record lists the title and authors of the article.

PubMed result page with first result's title and authors circled

Abstract Page

Click on the title to see additional information, including the abstract or summary.

PubMed record page showing abstract

Additional Training

For an additional example of a PubMed simple search, view the PubMed Quick Tour – Find Articles on a Topic.