Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice

Use PubMed to Find Relevant Articles

Use the Systematic Review Filter

The Systematic Review filter is a highly efficient way to find good evidence related to a research question. Systematic reviews summarize the results of carefully designed studies, provide judgements on the level of evidence available, and inform recommendations for healthcare interventions.

The Systematic Review filter is available from the PubMed sidebar. When searching for a systematic review, you may need to use a broader search than when you are searching for individual studies. To find systematic reviews relevant to patient education and its effects on exercise behavior and high blood pressure, a good search might be: patient education exercise high blood pressure.

Then, select the Systematic Review filter with no other filters applied.

PubMed search results showing the 'Systematic Reviews' filter circled.

Additional Training

Want to learn more about the systematic reviews filter in PubMed? See the complete search strategy.