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Search Strategy Used to Create the Systematic Reviews Subset on PubMed

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This strategy is intended to retrieve citations identified as systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, guidelines, and citations to articles from journals specializing in review studies of value to clinicians. This filter can be used in a search as systematic [sb].

     Example: exercise hypertension AND systematic [sb]

This filter is also available on the Filters sidebar under "Article types." It is also available on the Clinical Queries screen. For additional sources of strategies for systematic reviews, please see the list of related sources.

Strategy last modified February 2017.

(systematic review [ti] OR meta-analysis [pt] OR meta-analysis [ti] OR systematic literature review [ti] OR 
this systematic review [tw] OR pooling project [tw] OR (systematic review [tiab] AND review [pt]) OR 
meta synthesis [ti] OR meta-analy*[ti] OR integrative review [tw] OR integrative research review [tw] OR 
rapid review [tw] OR umbrella review [tw] OR consensus development conference [pt] OR practice guideline [pt] OR 
drug class reviews [ti] OR cochrane database syst rev [ta] OR acp journal club [ta] OR health technol assess [ta] OR 
evid rep technol assess summ [ta] OR jbi database system rev implement rep [ta]) OR 
(clinical guideline [tw] AND management [tw]) OR ((evidence based[ti] OR evidence-based medicine [mh] OR 
best practice* [ti] OR evidence synthesis [tiab])
AND (review [pt] OR diseases category[mh] OR behavior and behavior mechanisms [mh] OR therapeutics [mh] OR 
evaluation studies[pt] OR validation studies[pt] OR guideline [pt] OR pmcbook))
((systematic [tw] OR systematically [tw] OR critical [tiab] OR (study selection [tw]) OR 
(predetermined [tw] OR inclusion [tw] AND criteri* [tw]) OR exclusion criteri* [tw] OR main outcome measures [tw] OR 
standard of care [tw] OR standards of care [tw]) 
(survey [tiab] OR surveys [tiab] OR overview* [tw] OR review [tiab] OR reviews [tiab] OR search* [tw] OR 
handsearch [tw] OR analysis [ti] OR critique [tiab] OR appraisal [tw] OR 
(reduction [tw]AND (risk [mh] OR risk [tw]) AND (death OR recurrence))) 
(literature [tiab] OR articles [tiab] OR publications [tiab] OR publication [tiab] OR 
bibliography [tiab] OR bibliographies [tiab] OR published [tiab] OR pooled data [tw] OR
unpublished [tw] OR citation [tw] OR citations [tw] OR database [tiab] OR internet [tiab] OR textbooks [tiab] OR 
references [tw] OR scales [tw] OR papers [tw] OR datasets [tw] OR trials [tiab] OR meta-analy* [tw] OR 
(clinical [tiab] AND studies [tiab]) OR treatment outcome [mh] OR treatment outcome [tw] OR pmcbook)) 
(letter [pt] OR newspaper article [pt])

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