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2009 MAY–JUNE No. 368
June 03, 2009 [posted]

MEDLINE® Journals Indexed from the Online Version

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The Web resource called MEDLINE® Journals Indexed from the Online Version has been revised. This page previously presented the titles of indexed journals in two lists: one for online-only journals, and one for journals that have both print and online versions, but are indexed from the online (electronic) version. The decision to index from the online version for a journal that also has a print version is typically dependent on the online version having some online-only content not present in the print version, or the publisher announcing that the online version is the official version of record, or NLM® (National Library of Medicine®) being able to index the content faster, among other reasons.

In November of 2007, NLM/Index Section began a project to switch indexing from the print to the online version in a systematic way, converting about 100 indexed titles per month. As of March 2009, a total of 2,549 currently indexed journals, nearly half of the currently indexed titles (and also representing over half of all citations indexed), are now indexed from the online version.

It became unwieldy to maintain the Web page with a list of over 2,500 journal titles. With the recent enhancements to the Journals database, it is possible to search for the list of journals indexed from the online version. The revised Web page provides a link for that search so that the list can be created on demand for the most-up-to-date list of titles; note that this search includes the online-only titles. The other search (for online-only journals that have no print version) is expected in the future once further changes are made to the Journals database.

By Lou Wave S. Knecht
Bibliographic Services Division

Knecht LS. MEDLINE® Journals Indexed from the Online Version. NLM Tech Bull. 2009 May-Jun;(368):e13.