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  • April 2015

    Black and white photograph of four people drinking alcohol at a bar.
    Pick Your Poison
    Intoxicating Pleasures & Medical Prescriptions

    This traveling banner exhibition explores some factors that have shaped the changing definition of some of our most potent drugs. The show will be available for booking beginning in March 2015.

  • June 2015

    Disembodied head with skin removed from face to expose veins underneath.
    Penetrating the Secrets of Nature

    This traveling banner exhibition examines the enduring power of the Frankenstein story to expose hidden fears about science and technology—both in the original novel and shaped into new forms, such as plays, films, and comics.

  • September 2015

    Ten people stand posing for the picture.
    Confronting Violence
    Improving Women’s Lives

    This project explores the story of the research and activist nurses who were in the vanguard of pushing the larger medical community to identify victims of domestic abuse and to adequately respond to their needs. A special display opens at the National Library of Medicine September 14, 2015 and includes a companion website. A traveling banner exhibition will be available to the public at that time.

  • Late 2015

    A large crowd of people, some who are holding signs. The largest sign with black lettering on a white background states: Medical Committee for Civil Rights.
    For All the People
    A Century of Citizen Action in Health Care Reform

    This traveling banner exhibition and online project examines the history of ordinary people that have helped shape the changing American health care system. The project is expected to be available the end of 2015.

  • Fall 2017

    Four soliders load a patient in a stretcher on the back on a truck.
    Military Hospital Life
    Military Hospital Life in America during the First World War

    This exhibition and website features the National Library of Medicine’s collection of magazines produced by soldiers stationed in military hospitals in the United States during World War I. Over Here explores the work, lives, and recovery of personnel and patients at Army hospitals during and after the war. The exhibition centers on the experiences of the wounded and those stationed at US Army General Hospital No. 3, in Rahway, New Jersey.