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Use Pharmacological Action Lists [pa] to Search a Collection of Drugs

You can also use pharmacological action terms with a [pa] tag to retrieve citations indexed with any drug or chemical identified as exhibiting a particular action. For example, you could add the term:
antirheumatic agents [pa]
to your PubMed search, and PubMed will automatically add all drugs and chemicals that are known antirheumatic agents to your search.

You can view the list of drugs and chemicals that are identified as having a pharmacological action (and therefore added to your search) by looking at the record in the MeSH Database labeled [Pharmacological Action].

Curious what pharmacological action lists are available for searching? View them in the MeSH Database.

Note: If you enter a MeSH term that is also a PA term without using a search tag, PubMed will search the term as [mh] OR [pa] OR [All Fields], combining the action topic with the list of substances, as well as the term in other fields of the record.

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