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If You Must Tag, Do So Carefully

For PubMed searching in general, it is best not to use search tags, but instead focus on describing your topic with specific terms. This is true for drugs and chemicals, as well. Let PubMed do the tagging for you.

For searchers who must use tags, here are some tips:

Use [mh] for drugs that are MeSH Headings:

  • oseltamivir [mh]
  • dibenzazepines [mh]

MeSH Headings will explode to include narrower terms.

Use [nm] for Supplementary Concepts OR MeSH Headings:

  • xuebijing [nm]
  • dibenzazepines [nm]
  • water [nm]

BUT MeSH headings will NOT explode if searched with [nm].

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