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The MeSH Database

The MeSH Database available from PubMed's home page and database selection menu allows you to:

  • locate and select MeSH terms (Headings, Subheadings, Supplementary Concept Records, and Publication Types) for use in PubMed searches
  • see the definition and other helpful information for a MeSH term
  • see the position of MeSH terms in the hierarchy
  • select MeSH heading/subheading combinations to build a PubMed search

An example of a full MeSH Database record (see text version):

Note: Searching with MeSH subject terms excludes in process and publisher-supplied citations, as well as other PubMed citations that are not indexed for MEDLINE (e.g., citations that are out of scope for MEDLINE, such as a volcanology article in Science). These records do not (or do not yet) include MeSH subject terms.

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