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Automatic Term Mapping (continued): Journals

PubMed search for Cancer Research

If PubMed fails to find a match for a term as a subject, the Automatic Term Mapping process then searches for journals using the Journals Translation table.

PubMed search details for Cancer Research

The Journals Translation Table contains:

If you searched for the journal, Cancer Research, for example, PubMed would translate this as "Cancer Res"[Journal] and also search the terms in [All Fields].

When searching by journal title (rather than by title abbreviation or ISSN), you must use the FULL journal title (the journal of cell biology). If you enter only a partial title (cell biology), you will not retrieve all citations from that journal.

What if a journal name also maps to a MeSH heading -- cell, for example? PubMed will first check in the MeSH Translation Table, find all matches (in this case, the terms cells) and stop the mapping process. The search will also include [All Fields], therefore it will find the journal name, but the results will include many more citations than from the journal, Cell.

Consider using the Single Citation Matcher or the Search Builder feature of Advanced Search to find journal titles if you are not sure of the complete title or if the title might be confused with subject terms.

Searching for journal titles in the NLM Catalog will be covered in a later module of this course.

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