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MEDLINE Databank Sources

MEDLINE citations may carry the databank names listed below. These names appear in the DataBankName element in the XML version of the citation; that element is called the Secondary Source ID [SI] element in PubMed for search and display, and is in both the Abstract and MEDLINE displays.

To search for the presence of an SI value on a citation in PubMed, regardless of the specific value, use:


More information on the Secondary Source (SI) field is available at:

MEDLINE Databank Name Abbreviation Databank Full Name Approximate Start Date
ANZCTR Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry 2014
BioProject BioProject Database (NIH/NLM) 2014
ChiCTR Chinese Clinical Trials Registry 2014 Database (NIH/NLM) 2005
CRiS Clinical Research Information Service, Republic of Korea 2014
CTRI Clinical Trials Registry - India 2014
dbGaP Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (NIH/NLM) 2014
dbSNP Database of Short Genetic Variations (NIH/NLM) 2014
dbVar Database of Genomic Structural Variation (NIH/NLM) 2014
Dryad Dryad 2014
DRKS German Clinical Trials Register 2014
EudraCT EU Clinical Trials Register 2014
figshare figshare 2014
GDB Johns Hopkins University Genome Data Bank (ceased in 2008) 1988
GENBANK GenBank Nucleic Acid Sequence Database (NIH/NLM) 1988
GEO Gene Expression Omnibus Database (NIH/NLM) 2006
IRCT Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials 2014
ISRCTN International Standard Randomized Controlled Trial Number ( Register 2006
JapicCTI Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center (Japan Registry Member) 2017
JMACCT Center for Clinical Trials, Japan Medical Association (Japan Registry Member) 2017
JPRN Japan Primary Registries Network (info in English at WHO site) 2014
NTR The Netherlands National Trial Register 2014
OMIM Mendelian Inheritance in Man (McKusick) 1988
PACTR Pan African Clinical Trial Register 2014
PDB Protein Data Bank (NIH/NLM) 1988
PIR Protein Identification Resource 1988
PubChem-BioAssay PubChem BioAssay Database (NIH/NLM) 2007
PubChem-Compound PubChem Compound Database (NIH/NLM) 2007
PubChem-Substance PubChem Substance Database (NIH/NLM) 2007
ReBec Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry 2014
RefSeq Reference Sequence Database (NIH/NLM) 1988
RPCEC Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials 2014
SLCTR Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry 2014
SRA Sequence Read Archive (SRA) Database (NIH/NLM) 2014
SWISSPROT Protein Sequence Database 1988
TCTR Thai Clinical Trials Registry 2014
UMIN CTR University Hospital Medical Information Network Clinical Trial Registry (Japan Registry Member) 2017
UniMES UniProt Metagenomic and Environmental Sequences Database 2014
UniParc UniProt Archive Database 2014
UniProtKB UniProt Knowledgebase Database 2014
UniRef UniProt Reference Clusters Database 2014