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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed AIDS Filter

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This strategy was created to facilitate searching for subjects in the area of AIDS.

Strategy last modified February 2017.

jsubsetx OR
aids res ther [ta] OR
aids res hum retroviruses [ta] OR
aids [ta] OR
aids res [ta] OR
aids educ prev [ta] OR
j acquir immune defic syndr [ta] OR
aids clin rev [ta] OR
aids care [ta] OR
int j std aids [ta] OR
prog aids pathol[ta] OR
j assoc nurses aids care [ta] OR j int aids soc [ta] OR sex reprod healthc [ta] OR 
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [mh] OR
aids-related OR
aids-related opportunistic infections[mh] OR
htlv OR
htlv-blv viruses OR
htlv-blv antibodies OR
lentiviruses, primate OR
hiv [mh] OR
human immunodeficiency virus [tw] OR
hiv infections OR
hiv seropositivity OR
hiv seronegativity OR
hiv seroprevalence OR
aids serodiagnosis OR
hiv enteropathy OR
hiv envelope protein gp41 OR
hiv envelope protein gp120 OR
hiv envelope protein gp160 OR
hiv core protein p24 OR
hiv protease OR
hiv protease inhibitors OR
env genes OR
nef genes OR
px genes OR
rev genes OR
vif genes OR
vpu genes OR
tat genes OR
gene products, env OR
gene products, gag OR
gene products, nef OR
gene products, tat OR 
gene products, rev OR
gene products, vif OR
gene products, vpr OR
gene products, vpu OR
gene products, rex OR
gene products, tax OR
peptide t OR
hiv enhancer OR
hiv antibodies OR
hiv antigens OR
aids dementia complex OR
aids-associated nephropathy OR
aids arteritis, central nervous system [mh] OR
aids-related lymphoma OR
hiv long-term survivors OR
hiv long terminal repeat OR
lymphadenopathy-associated virus [tw] OR lav [tw] OR
hiv-1 OR hiv-2 OR hiv-3 OR 
htlv [tw] OR hiv OR 
hiv-1 [tw] OR hiv-i OR hiv1 OR
hiv-2 [tw] OR hiv-ii OR hiv2 OR
hiv-3 [tw]OR hiv-iii OR hiv3 OR
htlv-i OR
htlv-ii OR
htlv antibodies OR
htlv antigens OR
htlv infections OR
human herpesvirus 6 OR
feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome OR faids[tw] OR
feline immunodeficiency virus OR ftlv [tw] OR
retroviruses type d, simian OR 
srv-1 [tw] OR  srv-2[tw] OR srv-3 [tw] OR
immunodeficiency viruses, primate OR
simian retroviruses 
 OR siv-1 [tw] OR siv-2 [tw] OR "simian immunodeficiency virus" OR
simian acquired immunodeficiency syndrome OR saids [tw] OR
mason-pfizer monkey virus OR
saids vaccines OR
srv1[tw] OR srv2 [tw] OR
stlv[tw] OR
murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome OR
murine aids [tw] OR
(maids [tw] AND immunologic deficiency syndromes) OR
bovine immunodeficiency virus OR
"htlv iii" [tw] OR
"lymphadenopathy associated virus"[tw] OR
aids-related complex OR
lav [tw] OR
"human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii" OR
"aids retrovirus" OR "aids retroviruses" OR (aids [tw] AND retroviral [tw]) OR
(human t cell leukemia virus AND iiib) OR
hiv-1 OR hiv-i [tw] OR hiv1[tw]OR
hiv-2 OR hiv-ii [tw] OR hiv2 [tw] OR
hiv-3 [tw] OR hiv-iii [tw] OR hiv3 [tw] OR
"hiv-iiib" OR
hiv receptors OR
cd4 antigens OR
cd4-positive t-lymphocytes [tw] OR
cd4-cd8 ratio OR
receptors, ccr5 OR
receptors, cxcr4 OR
highly active antiretroviral therapy OR
haart [tw] OR salvage therapy 
aids vaccines OR "pre-exposure prophylaxis" OR
kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus OR herpesvirus-8 OR hhv-8 OR
hiv integrase OR
hiv integrase inhibitors OR
hiv wasting syndrome OR
"hiv reverse transcriptase" OR
hiv-1 reverse transcriptase OR
viral load OR
anti-hiv agents OR 
hiv hyperimmune globulin OR hivig [tw]
(kaposi's sarcoma OR
cytomegalovirus OR
cerebral toxoplasmosis OR
simian [tw] OR
antiviral agents OR
nf-kappa b OR
contact tracing OR
transcription factor, sp1 OR
genetic transcription OR
reverse transcriptase inhibitors OR
mycoplasma fermentans OR
mycoplasma penetrans OR
pneumocystis carinii OR
pneumonia, pneumocystis carinii OR
enterocytozoon OR
needlestick injuries OR
pneumocystis carinii infections OR
cd4 immunoadhesins OR
universal precautions OR
needle sharing OR
needle exchange programs OR
cervix neoplasms OR
pulmonary tuberculosis OR
pneumonia OR
mycobacterium avium complex OR
cryptosporidiosis OR
cryptosporidium OR
cryptosporidium parvum OR
mycobacterium avium-intracellulare infection OR
vittaforma OR
protective gloves OR
multidrug-resistant tuberculosis OR
disease transmission OR
disease progression OR
tidsskr nor laegeforen [ta] OR
cdr lond engl rev [ta] OR
cdr lond engl wkly [ta] OR
commun dis rep cdr rev [ta] OR
commun dis rep cdr wkly [ta] OR
commun dis public health [ta] OR
cercopithecus aethiops OR
bacillary angiomatosis OR
blastocystis infections OR
cercocebus atys OR
cercopithecus aethiops OR
giant cells OR
hla-dr3 antigen OR
hla-dr5 antigen OR
intravenous immunoglobulins OR
progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy OR
cryptococcal meningitis OR
nf-kappa b OR
retroviruses type d OR
peptide t OR
radioimmunoprecipitation assay OR 
rhodococcus equi OR
slow virus diseases OR
thymopentin OR
cerebral toxoplasmosis OR
transcription factor, sp1 OR
trichosanthin OR
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination OR
trimetrexate OR
cd4 lymphocyte count OR
cd4-positive t-lymphocytes OR
th1 cells OR
th2 cells OR
zidovudine OR
cytomegalovirus retinitis OR
hairy leukoplakia OR
risk factors OR
disease-free survival OR
spc [tw]OR synthetic polymeric construction OR
protease inhibitors OR
lipodystrophy syndrome OR
retrovir* OR
arv [tw] OR
quinolinic acid OR
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole combination OR
tmp-smx OR
acetylcysteine OR
anti-infective agents OR
ditiocarb OR
dextran sulfate OR
dideoxyadenosine OR
zalcitabine OR dideoxycytidine [tw] OR
fluconazole OR
ganciclovir OR
bleomycetin OR
cidofovir OR vistide [tw] OR
clindamycin OR
clofazimine OR
delavirdine OR
didanosine OR ddi [tw] OR
indinavir OR
integrase OR
lamivudine OR 3tc OR
nelfinavir OR ag1343 [tw] OR
neuroleukin OR
nevirapine OR
pentamidine OR
rifabutin OR 
ritonavir OR abt-538 [tw] OR 
lopinavir OR abt-378 [tw] OR kaletra
saquinavir OR invirase [tw] OR
stavudine OR d4t [tw] OR
tenofovir OR
thalidomide OR
tipranavir OR 
trichosanthin OR
zalcitabine OR
zidovudine OR
zalcitabine OR ddc [tw] OR
cobicistat OR darunavir OR raltegravir potassium OR rilpivirine
AND aids [tw])
(immunologic deficiency syndromes OR
cytomegalovirus infections OR
kaposi's sarcoma OR
pneumocystis carinii pneumonia OR 
opportunistic infections OR
immunology [sh]OR
immunity OR
(acquired [tw]AND immune [tw]AND deficiency [tw]) OR
"acquired immunodeficiency" AND homosexuality AND 1980:1982[dp])
((kaposi's sarcoma AND immunoblastic lymphadenopathy) OR
(cytomegalovirus infections OR cytomegalic inclusion disease [tw]
AND pneumocystis carinii pneumonia)
AND 1983:1985[dp])

Last Reviewed: February 20, 2019