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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) Filter

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This strategy was created by NLM's Specialized Information Services to facilitate searching for subjects in the area of teratology and other aspects of developmental and reproductive toxicology. This filter can also be used in a search as dart [sb].

     Example: mercury AND dart [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2018.

(abnormalities, drug-induced [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 ((abnormalities, multiple/chemically induced [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/epidemiology [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/etiology[mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/genetics [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/pathology [mh]) AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh]))OR
 (abnormalities, radiation-induced [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 abortion, habitual/chemically induced [mh] OR
 abortion, habitual/etiology [mh] OR
 abortion, spontaneous/chemically induced [mh] OR
 abortion, spontaneous/etiology [mh] OR
 (alcoholic intoxication[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (alcohol drinking [mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol [TA] OR
 birth weight/drug effects [mh] OR
 birth weight/radiation effects [mh] OR
 breast feeding/drug effects [mh] OR
 (carcinogens, environmental [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (carcinogens [mh] AND (fetus [mh] OR pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (cardiovascular abnormalities/ci [mh] AND fetus [mh]) OR
 (cardiovascular abnormalities/et [mh] AND fetus [mh]) OR
 (cocaine[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (congenital abnormalities [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (dna damage [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 embryo/de [mh] OR 
 embryo/re [mh] OR
 embryo loss/ci [mh] OR
 embryonic and fetal development/drug effects [mh] OR
 embryonic and fetal development/radiation effects [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/drug effects [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/pathology [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (environmental exposure[mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 fertility/drug effects [mh] OR
 fertility/radiation effects [mh] OR
 fetal alcohol syndrome[mh:noexp] OR 
 fetal death/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal death/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal death/genetics [mh] OR
 fetal death/pathology [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/genetics [mh] OR
 fetal growth retardation/et [mh] OR 
 fetal growth retardation/ci [mh] OR 
 fetal resorption/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal resorption/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal resorption/genetics [mh] OR
 fetus/abnormalities [mh] OR
 fetus/drug effects [mh] OR
 fetus/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (fetus*[tw] AND expos*[tw]) OR
 (genetic diseases, inborn/CI [mh] AND (fetus [mh] OR pregnancy [mh])) OR
 germ cells/drug effects [mh] OR
 germ cells/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (hazardous substances [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 heavy metal poisoning[mh] OR
 lactation/drug effects [mh] OR
 lactation/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (lead [mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (lead poisoning[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh]))OR 
 maternal exposure [mh] OR
 maternal-fetal exchange/ge [mh] OR 
 maternal-fetal exchange/de [mh] OR
 maternal-fetal exchange/re [mh] OR
 (mutagens [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 neonatal abstinence syndrome[mh] OR
 "neonatal abstinence syndrome"[ti] OR
 neonatal sepsis [mh] OR 
 ovary/drug effects [mh] OR
 ovary/radiation effects [mh] OR
 paternal exposure [mh] OR
 placenta diseases/chemically induced [mh] OR
 placenta diseases/etiology [mh] OR
 placenta/abnormalities [mh] OR
 placenta/drug effects [mh] OR
 placenta/radiation effects [mh] OR
 pregnancy Complications, Infectious/epidemiology [mh] OR
 pregnancy Complications/ci [mh] OR 
 pregnancy outcome/ge [mh] OR
 (prenatal*[tw] AND expos*[tw]) OR
 prenatal exposure delayed effects [mh] OR
 (protein deficiency[mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 reproduction/drug effects [mh:noexp] OR
 reproduction/radiation effects [mh] OR
 rubella/congenital[mh:noexp] OR 
 rubella syndrome, congenital/etiology[mh:noexp] OR 
 (teratogens [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh]))OR
 Teratology [Journal] OR
 teratology [mh] OR
 testis/drug effects [mh] OR
 testis/radiation effects [mh]

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