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Search Strategy Used to Create the PubMed Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) Filter

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This filter can also be used in a search as dart [sb].

     Example: mercury AND dart [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2018; last reviewed March, 2020.

(abnormalities, drug-induced [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 ((abnormalities, multiple/chemically induced [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/epidemiology [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/etiology[mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/genetics [mh] OR 
 abnormalities, multiple/pathology [mh]) AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh]))OR
 (abnormalities, radiation-induced [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 abortion, habitual/chemically induced [mh] OR
 abortion, habitual/etiology [mh] OR
 abortion, spontaneous/chemically induced [mh] OR
 abortion, spontaneous/etiology [mh] OR
 (alcoholic intoxication[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (alcohol drinking [mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol [TA] OR
 birth weight/drug effects [mh] OR
 birth weight/radiation effects [mh] OR
 breast feeding/drug effects [mh] OR
 (carcinogens, environmental [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (carcinogens [mh] AND (fetus [mh] OR pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (cardiovascular abnormalities/ci [mh] AND fetus [mh]) OR
 (cardiovascular abnormalities/et [mh] AND fetus [mh]) OR
 (cocaine[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (congenital abnormalities [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 (dna damage [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 embryo/de [mh] OR 
 embryo/re [mh] OR
 embryo loss/ci [mh] OR
 embryonic and fetal development/drug effects [mh] OR
 embryonic and fetal development/radiation effects [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/drug effects [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/pathology [mh] OR
 embryonic structures/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (environmental exposure[mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 fertility/drug effects [mh] OR
 fertility/radiation effects [mh] OR
 fetal alcohol syndrome[mh:noexp] OR 
 fetal death/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal death/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal death/genetics [mh] OR
 fetal death/pathology [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal diseases/genetics [mh] OR
 fetal growth retardation/et [mh] OR 
 fetal growth retardation/ci [mh] OR 
 fetal resorption/chemically induced [mh] OR
 fetal resorption/etiology [mh] OR
 fetal resorption/genetics [mh] OR
 fetus/abnormalities [mh] OR
 fetus/drug effects [mh] OR
 fetus/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (fetus*[tw] AND expos*[tw]) OR
 (genetic diseases, inborn/CI [mh] AND (fetus [mh] OR pregnancy [mh])) OR
 germ cells/drug effects [mh] OR
 germ cells/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (hazardous substances [mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR
 heavy metal poisoning[mh] OR
 lactation/drug effects [mh] OR
 lactation/radiation effects [mh] OR
 (lead [mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 (lead poisoning[mh] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh]))OR 
 maternal exposure [mh] OR
 maternal-fetal exchange/ge [mh] OR 
 maternal-fetal exchange/de [mh] OR
 maternal-fetal exchange/re [mh] OR
 (mutagens [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh])) OR
 neonatal abstinence syndrome[mh] OR
 "neonatal abstinence syndrome"[ti] OR
 neonatal sepsis [mh] OR 
 ovary/drug effects [mh] OR
 ovary/radiation effects [mh] OR
 paternal exposure [mh] OR
 placenta diseases/chemically induced [mh] OR
 placenta diseases/etiology [mh] OR
 placenta/abnormalities [mh] OR
 placenta/drug effects [mh] OR
 placenta/radiation effects [mh] OR
 pregnancy Complications, Infectious/epidemiology [mh] OR
 pregnancy Complications/ci [mh] OR 
 pregnancy outcome/ge [mh] OR
 (prenatal*[tw] AND expos*[tw]) OR
 prenatal exposure delayed effects [mh] OR
 (protein deficiency[mh:noexp] AND (fetus [mh] or pregnancy [mh])) OR 
 reproduction/drug effects [mh:noexp] OR
 reproduction/radiation effects [mh] OR
 rubella/congenital[mh:noexp] OR 
 rubella syndrome, congenital/etiology[mh:noexp] OR 
 (teratogens [mh] AND (pregnancy [mh] OR fetus [mh]))OR
 Teratology [Journal] OR
 teratology [mh] OR
 testis/drug effects [mh] OR
 testis/radiation effects [mh]

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Last Reviewed: February 26, 2020