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IT Project Manager position

The NLM Office of Computer and Communications Systems (OCCS) is seeking to recruit IT Project Manager position listed below.

The IT Project Manager candidate will be expected to:

  • Be responsible for managing the software life cycle of the assigned applications, inclusive of all project management duties and software development and support responsibilities.
  • Work with the Library Operations' (LO) lead to refine requirements, to agree on and prioritize milestones, deliverables, and schedule, and determine the level of effort and resources available for the selected set of user stories for the sprint.
  • Design and code collaboratively with team members to arrive at a solution for the refined requirements per user story.
  • Integrate unit-tested code base from team members for user-acceptance testing per user story, perform regular regression testing to ensure a production-quality application at the end of each sprint, and incorporate all testing scenarios in the automatic regression testing suite.
  • Monitor for all change orders to refine schedule and resources.
  • Verify the completion of QA with all stakeholders and engaging supporting teams to ensure the application in the production environment is fully secure and compliant with all federal and NIH mandates, rules and regulations.
  • Ensure all staff members including self in keeping abreast of all current practices and technological advances or update as well as all NIH required training.
  • Plan and schedule the technical analysis of the LO's requirements to derive a plan and schedule, assigning tasks to team members and following the agile practice and all required development processes.
  • Continually review work done by the team to ensure milestones and deliverables accepted by LO user community.
  • Actively assess risks in change orders, resources, technological or environmental shift, etc. to communicate promptly and clearly to all stakeholders.
  • Continually monitor team achievement for lessons learnt or future sprints.
  • Write effective statement of work for resource planning and assessment or outsourcing.
  • Assist the branch in documenting all work items using the branch's standard tools like JIRA, Wikipedia, Git, etc.


Applications (resume and vacancy questions) MUST be received online via USAJOBS: &

Open and closing dates: 05/01/2023 to 05/10/2023

Announcement Number: NIH-NLM-DE-23-11915907 and NIH-NLM-MP-23-11915917

Please contact Douglas Bruno, Human Resources Specialist: for more information.

Last Reviewed: April 27, 2023