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Tenure-Track Investigator in Single-Cell Genomics

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is one of 27 Institutes and Centers at the National Institutes of Health. NLM is a global leader in biomedical informatics and computational health data science and the world’s largest biomedical library. NLM’s legislative mandate is to support the essential work of acquiring, organizing, preserving, and disseminating biomedical information. NLM provides public access to this information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NLM Division: Intramural Research Program (IRP)

NLM Program/Office: Computational Biology Branch (CBB)

Application Period: Applications will be accepted March 18, 2024 through May 17, 2024.


The goal of this search is to identify candidates with the potential to advance the processing, analysis, and interpretation of single-cell genomics data.

Recent advances in sequencing technology are enabling the capture of genomic and transcriptomic sequence data at the single cell level.  This technological revolution in the laboratory has resulted in the need to develop and apply novel computational methods for processing and analyzing these data that are both statistically rigorous and scalable to the volume of data being generated.  In addition, semantic representation of the knowledge derived from the processing, analysis, and interpretation of these data is needed in order to maximize the impact of these studies. 

The recruitment is part of a planned expansion of NLM’s intramural research in computational biology and data sciences. NLM has identified as a strategic research priority the development of innovative computational and statistical techniques applied to the analysis and interpretation of single cell genomics data and its translation into computable knowledge in support of diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target discovery.  

Position Description/Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will contribute to groundbreaking research in the following key areas of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing-Based Cellular Phenotyping, Spatial Transcriptomics Analysis, Single-Cell Epigenomics Analysis, and Semantic Knowledge Graph Representation.

The scientist will concentrate on pioneering computational and statistical techniques, specifically designed for analyzing and interpreting single-cell genomics data. This expertise will play a crucial role in translating data into computable knowledge, supporting the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Position Requirements:

We are looking for individuals with demonstrated expertise in computational, statistical, and artificial intelligence methods, proven track record of impactful research in single-cell genomics, as evidenced by publications and contributions to the field, and ability to work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary research environment.

The ideal applicant has a strong background in non-parametric statistical testing and extensive experience working with and analyzing single cell transcriptomics data as demonstrated through publications in leading journals and conferences. We are seeking individuals who are recognized national or international experts; who apply creative solutions to complex big data problems; have original scholarly scientific contributions of major significance; and who has skills in applying innovative AI approaches to complex biomedical research problems.  The incumbent will exercise scientific judgment and have a data science perspective as it relates to biomedical informatics to design, develop, and implement biomedical research plans that meet the standards of the IRP at the NIH. This specialized interdisciplinary position requires combined expertise in a variety of fields including biostatistics, machine learning, and transcriptomics data analysis.

The successful candidate with high-quality interpersonal skills will join a diverse, collegial, and cooperative group of investigators within NLM that provides the opportunity for high-quality mentoring. The selected candidate will be supported with long-term, stable resources equivalent to those provided to tenure-track faculty in an academic department, including positions for post-doctoral fellows and a budget for software, consumables, and equipment. NLM will provide excellent computational facilities and support for the rapid achievement of research goals. The broader NIH campus and NLM’s IRP provide a rich and highly interactive computational biology and biomedical informatics environment.

Education Requirements:

Applicants must have a doctorate degree or its equivalent in a pertinent field with extensive postdoctoral experience, as well as a strong publication record demonstrating potential for creative research.  

Salary and Benefits:

Salary and benefits are competitive, commensurate with education and experience. This position is subject to a background investigation.  

How to Apply

Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit the required materials listed below, ensuring that the announcement number NLM8509-2024 is included in their cover letter. Kindly forward the documents electronically to 

Names of three references with their contact information  

Contact Information:

HHS, NIH, and NLM are equal opportunity employers.

Last Reviewed: March 18, 2024