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Copyright Information & Downloading National Library of Medicine Data

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) data are produced by a U.S. Government agency and include works of the United States Government that are not protected by U.S. copyright law but may be protected by non-US copyright law, as well as abstracts originating from publications that may be protected by U.S. or non-US copyright law.

 NLM assumes no responsibility or liability associated with use of copyrighted material, including transmitting, reproducing, redistributing, or making commercial use of the data. NLM does not provide legal advice regarding copyright, fair use, or other aspects of intellectual property rights.

Organizations or individuals contemplating any type of transmission or reproduction of copyrighted material such as abstracts are advised to consult legal counsel. 

For technical information on downloading from PubMed, see the “NCBI FTP site” "Entrez Programming Utilities" and "Creating a Web Link to PubMed".

Although a signed license agreement is not needed, users must ensure that all downloaded publicly accessible data must be in compliance with the following provisions of the NLM Terms and Conditions:

Last Reviewed: January 30, 2018