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Specs for NLM Digital Repository Objects

Two-Dimensional Materials (Texts, Manuscripts, Graphics) 

NLM currently digitizes printed monographs in-house using two Book2net Cobra V-Scan image capture systems (image area approx. 18" X 25" per page) and a Zeuteschel 14000-A large format scanner (image area approx. 24" X 38"). The Zeutschel scanner is used primarily for fold-outs and large flat paper objects. Initial monograph digitization was done in-house on a Kirtas KABIS III scanner. Some additional content was scanned offsite by vendors. Digitized texts contain the following components:

Monographs and Serials

Per Book

Per Page

Other Formats

Digitized manuscript materials, graphical prints of ink on paper, photographic prints, maps, and photographic films are produced typically with TIFF masters and JPEG access derivatives.  Scanning DPI standards are generally higher, up to 600 DPI. Most of these materials do not generate text files.

Moving Images (Films and Videotapes)

Film and video materials are digitized to MPEG2 from BetacamSP or DVD copies. The BetacamSP preservation copies are produced by offsite vendors.


Descriptive Metadata

Last Reviewed: June 2, 2021