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Diversity at NLM

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As a leader of research in biomedical informatics and health data science and the world’s largest biomedical library, NLM plays a significant role in public access and open science, technological innovation, and scientific discovery. NLM is committed to increasing diversity across its broad portfolio of activities, which include:

  • The collection and dissemination of trusted biomedical and health information
  • Helping consumers, patients, scientists, educators, clinicians, and others to find and manage health-related information
  • Offering intramural and extramural support for research and training for research careers
  • Development and testing of new information tools and resources

NLM supports strategies to ensure the representativeness of data sets and establish ways to identify and reduce or mitigate gaps and errors in health data research sets. Through community outreach, NLM works to and improve accessibility of information for all. In addition, NLM curates collections and facilitates lectures that encompass a variety of views.

A diverse workforce drives innovation and scientific advancement. NLM is committed to recruiting and developing a workforce that is inclusive of a broad range of underrepresented people, including racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and individuals from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. NLM’s commitment to workforce diversity extends to advocating for diversity of thought and plurality of methods. A commitment to diversity is grounded in the belief that full participation of a diverse workforce improves team performance, engendering robust array of knowledge representations as well as culturally appropriate means of supporting discovery and delivering health information.

NLM is dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, and government through intramural, library, historical, and extramural programs that strive to reach a diversity of communities. NLM fosters an inclusive environment that recognizes each person’s unique contributions and individuality. In doing so, NLM aims to provide appropriate mentors to all trainees as well as opportunities for personal and professional development.

For more information about NLM’s commitment to diversity, visit the NIH Diversity in Extramural Programs webpage.

NIH provides resources that reinforce NLM’s commitment to supporting a diverse workforce. For more information on NIH policy, guidance, and resources, go to the NIH Office of Human Resources webpage.

Last Reviewed: July 13, 2021