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DOCLINE Login Instructions

Most DOCLINE users authenticate (verify their identity) by logging in with Google accounts.  Other users, including those at federal libraries or NIH-affiliated Research Organizations, have alternate methods available for signing into DOCLINE.

1) Make sure your DOCLINE username matches your Google (or Gmail) account, federal SmartCard, or Research Organization network login. Verify that it works successfully outside DOCLINE. 

NOTE:  Once verification method is established for a user account, it cannot be changed. However, users may have separate, secondary accounts for alternate logins.

2) Go to

3) Select Log in to DOCLINE.

DOCLINE 6.0 login button

4) On the NIH Sign in screen select the Google button (1 in the bottom of the Sign In pane) OR the link for your indentity verification method (2 or 3).

screenshot of NIH login options

5) On the Google Account sign in pages, enter the email address and password associated with your Google Account, or follow your normal login prompts for other sign in methods.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password, follow the prompts on the Google Account pages to recover your password.  Your password cannot be reset within DOCLINE or by DOCLINE support staff.

Google login

6) Click NEXT.

You should now have access to DOCLINE, and see the Activity & Status area for your library.

If you do not have access, please follow the suggested troubleshooting steps before contacting DOCLINE Support.

Last Reviewed: July 29, 2020