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Path to the redesigned DOCLINE


Everything you need to know about the transition to DOCLINE 6.0



Redesign FAQs:




Webinars and Demos:

DOCLINE Talkline: Google Login & Linking - August 15th (recorded session)

DOCLINE Talkline: DOCLINE 6.0 Preview - July 25th (recorded session) - - (PPTX file, 3.6 MB)



2018 - DOCLINE: Redesign release information and screenshots

Recording and slide deck

2017 - DOCLINE: Redesign announcement and plans

Recording and slide deck 


DOCLINE-L Listserv Announcements

  1. June 1, 2018
  2. June 15, 2018


Projected Timeline (2018)

- June 18 (Monday) - Editing disabled for library Institution information and Holdings records in legacy DOCLINE system

- Mid-to-late September - Preview Period (lasting two weeks) for trying out the new DOCLINE.  Borrowing and Lending will continue in existing system.


Release Notes, DOCLINE Redesigned

Release 6.0 (Coming soon)




Tugger DOCLINE's friendly dog mascot