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DOCLINE Redesign



Borrowing and Lending coming!

Monday, March 4 - DOCLINE release 6.1

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DOCLINE 6 is online!

DOCLINE libraries are invited to log into the all-new DOCLINE to familiarize themselves with the website before ILL requesting is added with the upcoming release of DOCLINE 6.1.  Borrowing and Lending will begin the morning of March 4, 2109.  ILL requesting will end in the original DOCLINE system at noon, February 28, 2019.  (Original DOCLINE system will remain available for ILL lending-related tasks and Loansome Doc library activities through summer 2019.)

Libraries should log into DOCLINE 6 to review and update their library profile information, including Lending offerings and Borrowing settings.  Users are urged to review and update their Journal Holdings records to ensure accurate request routing in the future, after requesting ends in the legacy system. 



DOCLINE 6 website address:


DOCLINE 6 Videos:

Original DOCLINE vs. New DOCLINE 6.1 - what can I do where?


March 4, 2019: (Planned) DOCLINE 6.1 released, Borrowing & Lending live

February 28, 2019: Noon.  Borrowing ceases in original DOCLINE (5.2).  Site remains available for ILL and Loansome Doc Lending tasks.

November 2018: DOCLINE 6.0 Preview and Login testing   (Requesting continues in the existing system)

Once successful login is confirmed, continue using DOCLINE 6.0 to review and edit Library Profiles and Journal Holdings records.  

October 3, 2018: Existing system data exported and imported into all new DOCLINE 6.0


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Release Notes, DOCLINE Redesigned


November Release Notes


Webinars and Demos:

DOCLINE Talkline: Google Login & Linking - August 15th (recorded session)

DOCLINE Talkline: DOCLINE 6.0 Preview - July 25th (recorded session) - - (PPTX file, 3.6 MB)



2018 - DOCLINE: Redesign release information and screenshots

Recording and slide deck

2017 - DOCLINE: Redesign announcement and plans

Recording and slide deck 


DOCLINE-L Listserv Announcements

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