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Sample Life Cycle of a New NLM Grant Application

Milestone Timetable
Application Submitted through  Submitted by February 5 by 5:00 PM applicant's local time
Application status notification sent via e-mail by  Following automated validation, usually within a day 
First Level review by Biomedical Informatics, Library and Data Sciences (BILDS) Review Committee (formerly BLIRC)  June Meeting
Impact/Priority score available online at eRA Commons  Approximately 7 working days post BILDS
Summary Statement available Summary statement normally available online at eRA Commons 4 weeks post BILDS
Second Level review by Board of Regents September-October Meeting
NLM Staff prepare funding recommendations  October
Funding decisions implemented October-November, depending on availability of funds
Notice of Grant Award e-mailed by NIH November to December

Last Reviewed: September 6, 2023