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Four Series Icon. A female doctor gives a male worker an X-ray.
Banner for Consumptive Disease: Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Posters, 1950-1980.
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Four Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters


A Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters from Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association


Series D, page 4.

Have X-Rays : Mobile X-Rays Vehicle at the Factory

做X-光检查: 流动X-光检查车

Workers have X-ray check-ups at a mobile X-ray vehicle.

Early discovery, early treatment.

A male factor worker holds his chest with his left hand while holding his right hand up to ward off another factory worker pointing to the mobile X-ray vehicle.

At first, the patient does not feel
anything wrong, but when he becomes seriously ill, he will have fever and
cough with phlegm and blood.

A doctor wearing a mask sitting at his desk consults with a man seated across from him. In four small ovals above the image the doctor exmining the man, taking an X-ray, test tubes, and the doctor looking in a microscope.

Every patient must be examined
by doctors before any treatment.

A doctor wearing a mask sitting at his desk consults with a man seated next to him. A cloud image behind them shows the man walking down the street recovered.

Patients must have confidence
and patience in getting cured.

Two doctors are entering the sanatorium from the left to check on patients. On the front porch a man is seating reading, while two men are playing Go. An open window above the two men shows a man resting in a bed.

Doctors come to the sanatorium
to check on patients.