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Four Series Icon. A female doctor gives a male worker an X-ray.
Banner for Consumptive Disease: Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Posters, 1950-1980.
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Four Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters


A Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters from Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association


Series D, page 5.

Treatment of Tuberculosis


Above the text are four images of good nutrition, and good rest with sunshine and fresh air. The top left shows a man sitting in a chair reading with an open window. The top right image shows various nutritious foods including fish, milk, fruits and vegetables. The bottom right image show a man sitting in a bed next to an open window. The bottom left image shows the rear view of a man walking through a park.

Basic treatment of TB is good rest, nutrition, sunshine, and fresh air.

Five doctors operate on a patient in an operating room with the surgical instruments in the forefront of the image. In the upper left corner are medicine bottles.

Under the direction of doctors,
both medicine and surgery
are useful in treating TB.

A doctor on the right side of the image with a watch on his left arm exposed, looks at people playing basketball, table pool, ping pong, and doing stretching exercises..

Medico-athletics introduced from the Soviet Union is also effective.

A man in a blue shirt, pants and hat carrying a cloth sack in his right hand holds his left hand up in greeting to a man sitting in bed holding his right hand up in greeting.

The ultimate purpose of recovering from TB is to be a mentally and physically healthy and productive person.

A recovered patient is entering the gates of the tuberculosis hospital for a check-up.

Patients must have regular check-ups after recovery.