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Four Series Icon. A female doctor gives a male worker an X-ray.
Banner for Consumptive Disease: Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Posters, 1950-1980.
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Four Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters


A Series of Anti-Tuberculosis Posters from Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association


Series D, page 6.

Prevention of Tuberculosis


Above the text is an image of five women of different nationalities holding their children in their arms. Behind the women is a world globe.

BCG vaccines are used globally and
are effective in preventing TB.

A baby in a blue gown sits on the ground holding a teddy bear doll in its left hand. Over the baby's feet are two small ovals. The left oval features a small boy receiving the BCG vaccine by injection. The right oval features a baby receiving the BCG vaccine by oral intake through a dropper.

Two ways of getting BCG vaccines:
oral intake and injection.

A man on the left spits into a bottle while the man on the right spits into a handkerchief. Red arrows point to a post boiling on a stove where to disinfect the bottle and handkerchief. Below the men, a woman is disposing of a paper into a fire.

Spit into a bottle or a handkerchief; boil them for 20 minutes and then clean them up. If you spit into paper, burn the paper.

A tuberculosis patient's possessions are being boiled, washed and aired.

Disinfect the TB patient's possessions
by boiling and airing in the sun.

There are four images above the text of the poster. In the top triangle, a tuberculosis patients eats at a separate table than the rest of the family. In the right triangle, a woman is feeding left over food to two pigs. In the  left triangle, a woman disinfects and separates the utensils of the tuberculosis patient. In the middle is a pan of boiling water on a stove with a clock above the pan timing the 20 minutes needed for disinfecting materials the patient has used.

Disinfect and separate the utensils of
the patient. The food left by the patient
should be boiled for 20 minutes before feeding it to pigs.

.A woman wearing a mask over her face brings a tray of food to a tuberculosis patient. In a small over in the left corner, the woman stands in front of an X-ray machine to get a check-up.

Relatives of the patient should
have regular X-ray check-ups.

Three people wearing protective robes and masks disinfect a patient's room. On is wiping down the surfaces of a desk, one is mopping the floor and the other is spraying the bed fram with disinfectent.

Disinfect the patient's room thoroughly before others move in.

A clock is in the center of the poster surrounded by people have a regular lifestyle in sleeping, dressing, working, eating, socializing, and exercising.

Have a regular lifestyle and exercise
to strengthen resistance to TB.

A healthy looking man wearing only underclothes stands in the forefront of the poster. Behind the man are four images on how to stay healthy. In the upper left corner several people are bending doing stretching exercises. In the upper right corner, a man is disinfecting eating utensils. In the bottom right corner, a doctor wearing a mask administers a vaccination. In the bottom left corner, a man is standing on a weight scale.

People with strong immune systems
will not get sick often.

Above the text of the poster is a square divided into four triangles. In the top triangle, a woman instructs a family with young adults on how to eradicate tuberculosis. In the right triangle, students watch a film on how to eradicate tuberculosis. In the bottom triangle, a doctor lectures a group of sitting workers on how to eradicate tuberculosis. In the left triangle, a woman instructs a family with young children on how to eradicate tuberculosis.

Disseminate anti-TB knowledge
to eradicate the disease.

As workers enter a gate at work, some of them look at a chart showing that their production increase after they become healthy.

Health and productivity are inseparable.