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General Anti-Tuberculosis Posters Icon. A family eats from different bowls to prevent the spread of disease. A girl in a green shirt disinfects the used food containers.
Banner for Consumptive Disease: Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Posters, 1950-1980.
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General Anti-Tuberculosis Posters


Actively Prevent and Treat Tuberculosis. A barefoot doctor walks through the countryside wearing a medical box. She is holding a hoe with her left hand and resting it on her left shoulder, while holding a sheath of flowers in her right hand.

Actively Prevent and Treat Tuberculosis

This calendar poster emphasizes the universal use of BCG vaccines for children, early discovery and treatment of TB, and isolation and disinfection as ways of prevention.

Wuhan Tuberculosis Hospital, 1978.

How to Prevent Tuberculosis. The four images on the left half of the poster show ways of spreading the tuberculosis - a mother sleeping with her baby, spreading through spitting on the ground while children play on the floor, and a mother and daughter sharing bowls. The seven images on the right half represent methods of prevention—people take BCG vaccines, sleeping separately, not sharing food bowls, washing hands, getting exercise and spitting into spittoons.

How to Prevent Tuberculosis.

The three images on the left show ways of spreading the disease, and the seven images on the right present methods of prevention.

The National Association of Science Popularization and the Propaganda Office of the Ministry of Health of the Central Government of China, published by People's Health Press, 1953. (Price: 2,000 yuan a copy)

To Prevent Tuberculosis. The three round images at the top tell how tuberculosis is spread—speaking close to people, spitting, and playing with the sick.  The middle four images tell people the methods of prevention - using spittoons, not sharing food bowls, using handkerchiefs to cover sneezes and coughs, and washing  your hands carefully. The bottom four images show methods of prevention through good nutrition, fresh air, exercise and getting X-ray check-ups.

To Prevent Tuberculosis

The three round images at the top tell people the ways that TB is spread, while the eight images below tell people the methods of prevention. This poster is number 3 in a series on hygiene for government workers.

The Propaganda Office of the Ministry of Health of the Central Government of China, printed by Tianjin People's Printing Factory, 1953. (20,000 copies printed)

The Story of Xiao Ming. The eleven images show a vignette of a boy named Xiao Ming. The images show how he got dirty and became sick with tuberculosis; but he went to see the doctor to see what was wrong, took his medicine, rested well and became fully recovered.

The Story of Xiao Ming.

The images tell how the boy Xiao Ming got TB, what he did after getting TB, and how to prevent and treat TB. This poster was for the educational use at children's TB clinics.

The Central Tuberculosis Prevention Institute of Shanghai and the Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association, material contributed by the Tuberculosis Prevention Institute of Jing An District of Shanghai, n.d., ca. 1964.

Prevention of Tuberculosis. The top half of the poster has images that show what the human lungs look like, the tubercle bacilli under microscope, and spreading tuberculosis through close contact. The bottom half of the poster has images on how to prevent tuberculosis. It depicts people receiving the BCG vaccines, spitting into spittoons or handkerchiefs, having X-rays, and exercising.

Prevention of Tuberculosis

The poster has two main sections: how people become infected, and how to prevent it. This poster aims at students in particular.

Health Pictorial Press of China, n.d., ca. 1980.

A man's with his lungs exposed are shown in the middle of poster to indicate the look of a good right lung and the look of a bad left lung.  Around this image of the lungs are small images of people spitting and the sick person's possessions as ways of spreading TB.


The text describes methods of prevention: fresh air, sunshine, isolation of the sick, good nutrition, no spitting on the ground, and exercise. This poster is part of a series on infectious diseases.

The Natural Science Education Institute of Shandong, n.d., ca. 1950.