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Three skeletons and a woman holding a baby sit on a bench. The skeleton on the left holds a scythe in its left hand and a card upright in its right hand. The title of the poster is The Dead Edge Out the Living.
Banner for Family Planning and Socioeconomic Development: Posters from China featuring a red background with white letters.
Navigation map Introduction 1950s-1960s Posters:  Promoting the Advantages of Family Planning for Individuals, Families, and the Nation Cultural Revolution Era:  Politically Charged Images Cartoon Posters: Comic Images, Social Criticism

Cartoon Posters: Comic Images, Social Criticism

Title: 婚姻与家庭 Marriage and Family

A personal ad featuring the drawn faces of fourteen men surrounding the face of a woman who has her hands over her face.
Personals Ads (only one woman available in all the ads);
Created by Jin Ma 金马

Stories in a Country of Men—few women are available for love and marriage. Various images show many men chasing one girl, a man trying to commit suicide, a man trying to commit suicide, some men trying to become women, and etc.
Stories in a Country of Men (No girls today at the dating service; all men—where is love? Why did you give birth only to boys? We need to import women. Who destroyed the balance of human beings? Some men want to become women. Many men chase one girl; and some pray for help.);
Created by Wang Xiaogeng 王小根