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Poster shows a two-children family focusing on work, production, study, and good health.
Banner for Family Planning and Socioeconomic Development: Posters from China featuring a red background with white letters.
Navigation map Introduction 1950s-1960s Posters:  Promoting the Advantages of Family Planning for Individuals, Families, and the Nation Cultural Revolution Era:  Politically Charged Images Cartoon Posters: Comic Images, Social Criticism

Cultural Revolution Era: Politically Charged Images

A set of 7 posters (Created and produced by the Family Planning Office of Kunming, n.d., circa 1978).

This cover page of the set details the meaning of family planning. A green cover shows an industrial country. The poster has decorations of grain images and the poster is filled with Chinese writing.
The Meaning of Family Planning

This cover page of the set details the meaning of family planning: it concerns the life of the people and the socialist reconstruction of the country; it does away with the old traditions and customs of thousands of years; it benefits the planned economy and the improvement of life; it benefits the health of mothers and children, it is good for men and women to fulfill themselves in work and study; it is good for the nation’s health and prosperity.

A mother holds her child up in happiness and the background is a scenic with trees and electrical power lines.

Family Planning Benefits the Health of Mothers and Children

A set of five images. At the top a father has given them Mao’s little red book. Below are images of the children reading from a board, learning in a group, and a nurse caring for a sick child.

Family Planning Benefits the Raising of Children

The poster has four images. The top left image show a couple looking at books and the top right images there are a couple farming. The images below show the couple writing in the book and discussing it while practicing how to use guns.

Family Planning Is Good for Men and Women to Fulfill Themselves in Work and Study

The poster shows healthy and strong farmer, a worker, and a soldier.

Family Planning Is Good for Our Nation’s Health and Prosperity

The poster has four images. The top images show a couple looking at a small white book and looking at medication in a store. The lower two images show a man trying to find his wife, and then his wife is in bed being taken care of by hospital staff.

How to Practice Family Planning

A woman working with grain samples and recording scientific data and there is a man who is working in the field on the foreground. The background shows many people marching.

Late Marriage Has Many Advantages