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Skeleton of a boy sitting on the 'D' of 'Dream', from Francesco Bertinatti, Elementi di anatomia fisiologica applicata alle belle arti figurative (Turin, 1837-39).  Artist: Mecco Leone. Lithograph
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A human head in profile divided into offices, staffed by little men, and areas of industrial production. From Fritz Kahn, Das Leben des Menschen; eine volkst├╝mliche Anatomie, Biologie, Physiologie und Entwick-lungs-geschichte des Menschen (Stuttgart, 1926). Chromolithograph.

Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace)

Kosmus publishers, Stuttgart, 1926. Chromolithograph. National Library of Medicine.

Fritz Kahn

Kahn’s modernist visualization of the digestive and respiratory system as "industrial palace," really a chemical plant, was conceived in a period when the German chemical industry was the world’s most advanced.

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